Election for Deputy Speaker today

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 10 Jan 2019 11:30:03


Staff Reporter,

Congress fields Heena Kanware, BJP forwards name of Jagdish Dewda

After the election for Speaker’s post, Madhya Pradesh Assembly is bracing itself for an election of Deputy Speaker as well. The election for Deputy Speaker would be held on Thursday. Ruling party Congress has fielded Heena Likhiram Kanware as its candidate. On the other hand, Opposition BJP has fielded Jagdish Dewda for Deputy Speaker’s post. Sources in Assembly Secretariat told ‘The Hitavada’ that Congress candidate Heena Kanware has taken form to contest Deputy Speaker’s election. Likewise, BJP candidate Jagdish Dewda has also taken the form. “The election for Deputy Speaker is inevitable untill and unless some mutual consensus does not emerge between both the major political parties,” said sources in Assembly Secretariat.

If election takes place then Deputy Speaker would be elected through vote division. Notably, it was on Tuesday that Congress MLA N P Prajapati was elected as Speaker through vote division process. BJP MLAs have not taken part in the election for Speaker as they had staged walk out much before the election for Speaker’s post was announced. Congress candidate for Speaker post, Prajapati got 120 votes and there was no vote casted against him. In this manner, NP Prajapati became Speaker of Assembly. Leader of Opposition Gopal Bhargava told that Opposition has requested Governor to send an observer to keep an eye on Deputy Speaker’s election process so that no irregularity like chances could happen. “This time we are alert,” he told.

Normally, it is undeclared norm of Assembly that Speaker post goes to ruling party and Deputy Speaker to Opposition. But BJP decided to contest Speaker election by fielding Kunwar Vijay Shah as its candidate. Congress had proposed the name of NP Prajapati. Total five proposals were given for election of Speaker post and four of them were favouring the name of Congress candidate NP Prajapati. The fifth proposal was of BJP, proposing the name of Kunwar Vijay Shah. But Protem Speaker read only first four proposals. This enraged BJP which later staged walkout from house. Later on Protem Speaker announced decision of Speaker by vote division.