BF 8 once again clocks Highest Daily Hot Metal Production

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 11 Jan 2019 11:08:12


Staff Reporter,


Blast Furnace-8 “Mahamaya”, the biggest Blast Furnace of SAIL’s Bhilai Steel Plant is living up to its name. On Wednesday, 9th January 2019, Blast Furnace 8 produced a record 7010 T of Hot Metal, breaking its earlier highest daily production record of 6620 T which was made only a day before on 8th January 2019.

It is worth mentioning that Blast Furnace-8 has achieved this performance with all constraints like limited handling of Hot Metal through Torpedo Ladles, no oxygen enrichment and minimal Coal Dust Injection. BSP’s Blast Furnace- 8 is the only large Blast Furnace in SAIL to achieve 7000 T level of Hot Metal production in less than a year of its commissioning, other two being Kalyani at IISCO Steel Plant and Durga at Rourkela Steel Plant.  Within SAIL, Blast Furnace 8 has the distinction of achieving fastest cumulative Hot Metal Production of 1 MT in just 8 months and 15 days (total 256 days) after its blowing-in on 2nd February 2018, and has till now produced cumulative 1.46 MT of Hot Metal.

Blast Furnace 8 is currently operating at a level of more than 6200 Tonnes per Day (TPD), a quantum jump of about 600 TPD over Dec’18 and 900 TPD over Nov’18. The ramping up of Hot Metal production at Blast Furnace 8 over the last few months has been steadily rapid.

A K Rath, Chief Executive Officer, Bhilai Steel Plant along with P K Dash, ED (Works), A K Kabisatapathy, ED (Projects) and S K Basar, ED (MM) visited BF- 8 Complex to congratulate Team BF and applauded efforts of various Deptts like OHP, Sinter Plants, Coke Ovens, all three SMS, T & D, EMD, Utilities, PBS, Plant Garage etc which has made record production level possible. Rath appreciated the performance of BF - 8 and encouraged the group to achieve new heights of performance. P K Dash, ED (Works) also hailed the efforts of all Deptts in achieving the new milestone of Hot Metal production at BF- 8. It is pertinent to mention here that BSP Team has risen to the call of Rising Bhilai given by CEO Rath, and is crossing new milestones in performance at all major shops like BF- 8, SMS-II, SMS-III, RSM & URM.