Farmers raise voice against shortage of fertilisers

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 11 Jan 2019 11:55:38


Our Correspondent,


Farmers have alleged that the shop-owners were deliberately hoarding thte supply and selling the fertilisers after dusk

There has been resentment among fafrmers on the issue artificial shortage of fertilisers created due to hoarding by shop owners dealing in sale of fertilisers. The Agriculture and Civil Supply Departments, though aware of the hoarding of the fertilisers, have failed to take any action against shop-owner s accused of hoarding the much-needed fertilisers. Allegedly the sale of fertilisers takes place after the day ends and during day time, no stock board is placed at the marketing office.

The immediate impact of the shortage has adversely affected the farmers who expected a good harvest after recent spell of rainfall that proved blessing in disguise. Neither the Agriculture Department nor the district administration has taken note of the gravity of the situation faced by the farmers.

The crisis pertaining to artificial dearth of fertilisers has made the farmers go on back foot as far as their field work is concerned. And the farmers from the region have accused the Marketing Federation of promoting black-marketing in view of the fact that sale is done from the centre during late evening hours.
Farmers, unable to procure the much-needed fertilisers, called upon SDM Rakesh Mohan Tripathi to apprise him of the alleged artificial dearth. SDM Tripathi assured farmers that he would reach the spot and conduct inspection but failed to turn up at the village causing frustration for farmers.

Ashok Kumar Shukla from village Bhillaiya, expressing resentment on the issue, said the non-availability of fertilisers for farmers when they are needed the is most exasperating thing. Over the years, farmers have been denied adequate supply of fertilisers from the government department. Due to dearth, farmers are forced to procure fertilisers and urea from private parties paying high price. Despite sufficient stock of fertilisers available with the shops, farmers are being denied the supply at the actual cost of the fertilisers. The artificial shortage has compelled the farmers to procure the fertilisers by paying extra money.

Sources informed that due to artificial shortage created by the shop-owners, farmers with marginal fields and stakes have been denied their right as they cannot afford to pay the market price. However farmers with high paying capacity managed to procure the fertilisers from neighbouring cities.

The Kisan Union has demanded attention from administration to call a review meeting in this connection and to issue directives to Agriculture Department and execution agency, Marketing Dederation to overcome the alleged artificial dearth of fertilisers being created across the region.