Intl conference on spine surgery begins

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 11 Jan 2019 11:03:28



Staff Reporter,


Ramkrishna Care Hospital (RCH) Department of Neurosurgery, organise international conference for the first time on Transforaminal Stitchless Spine Surgery Under Local Anaesthesia (TSSULA) 2019 at a private Hotel on Thursday. Formal inauguration will be performed by Chief Minister, Bhupesh Baghel on Friday. Special Guest will be T S Singhdeo, Health Minister.

Doctor S N Madhariya, Senior Neurosurgeon of RCH informed Media Person during pre-conference that the international conference is being attended by internationally renowned consultants and doctors from abroad will share their knowledge and experience related to latest trends in spine surgery as well as with the help of live surgery workshop they will demonstrate the latest techniques of spine surgery.

Latest technique of spine surgery is known as Transforaminal spine surgery, which is used to treat slip disc, Prolapsed intervertebral Disk with the help of minimally invasive technique in an awake and aware patient under the local anaesthesia by making small 7mm hole in body. Through the hole equipments are inserted and operation is done.

The conference TSSULA 2019 is being organised under the guidance and leadership of Dr SN Madhariya. Dr Malkan, of Mumbai informed that the unique technique helps in speedy recovery of patient. With in hours or next day patient is discharged and they lead normal life.
During operation doctors need not cut any bone, no nerves are disturbed and due to no open surgery there is no blood loss in patient. It cuts the medical bills of patient and the system is very effective.

The conference will be conducted with an intellectual session by experts from all over the world and live surgery workshop on Friday. Operations will be performed at Ramkrishna Care Hospital, in addition, to this conference will also have a Cadaveric session on Saturday at Dr B R Ambedkar Hospital. Many doctors and surgeons from abroad have arrived and many more will reach on Friday morning to learn this unprecedented and modern scientific method of surgery in which India is leading.
The international conference will bring Chhattisgarh’s name on top in the field of modern medicine and surgery globally.