Kashmiri beauty ‘Arzu’ brings hope of bonding with rest of India

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 11 Jan 2019 10:04:07

    (left) Arzu before undergoing corrective surgery (right)   Arzu after  successful surgery. Arzu after successful  surgery.  


By Nandu Andhare,


Jaan Mohammad, an automobile driver, his wife Masrat, brother of Jaan Mohd Manzoor Ahmed and his wife Naseema Bono, landed in Nagpur, with a bag of mixed feelings and a hope, of getting their girl child Arzu treated and cured of her squint eyes, at the same time worried about the out come of their ordeal of coming all the way from Chandpura in Anant Nag District of Kashmir to the Swami Vivekanand Medical Mission Hospital at Khapri, assisted by helpful people of Saksham Sudarshan Samadrushti Prakalp People.



 (left) Jaan Mohamad, his wife Masrat, brother Manzoor Ahmed and his wife Naseema Bono with Arzu after  surgery. (right  )  Dr Dilip Gupta President of the hospital along with Dr Suvarna Balankhe, Dr Jipesh Chauhan and Shirish Darwhekar explaining about the surgery

Chubby and pretty looking Arzu’s case study gave hope to the family after studies carried out by eminent doctor Dr Suravna Balankhe, Paediatric Ophthalmic Surgeon. Arzu’s successful corrective surgery, carried out free of cost, also gave hope of people in remote Kashmir gradually getting to know about the goodwill of the people beyond Jammu and Kashmir. Jaan Mohd had never ventured beyond the Jawahar tunnel that brings people out of Srinagar to Jammu. He had no idea about how the rest of the country looks like and its people. Both Jaan Mohd and his brother are drivers. The surgery and return to normalcy of the vision of their beloved daughter revealed a glow on their handsome faces that said it all, though both the gentry could not convey much of their feelings and the reaction of his people in Anant Nag .

They kept on thanking the team of doctors and pointing their hands upwards thanked the lord for the well being of their daughter.

Shirish Darwhekar of SAKSHAM Sudarshan Samadrushti Prakalp provided the background of how Jaan Mohd and his family happened to come all the way to Khapri. Said Darwhekar, “I had been invited to Srinagar in 2014 to attend an All India conference on Blind people by an organisation named ‘Anam Prem’. I came in contact with one Abdul Samad who was blind and somehow we started talking with each other exchanging experiences. He had a brother, who introduced me to one Javed Ahmed who was paralysed below the waste due to a bullet injury he suffered in a terrorist encounter. I was in touch with Javed Ahmed over telephone. It was Javed Ahmed who had recommended Jaan Mohd’s case to me,” he explained.

Knowing what Darwhekar was doing in SAKSHAM and about the Swami Vivekanand Medical Mission Hospital at Khapri. Javed Ahmed asked him if a six year old squint girl can get treated in Nagpur. On request from Darwhekar, he sent all the medical reports to the Swami Vivekanand Medical Mission Hospital at Khapri. Dr Dilip Gupta, President of the hospital, along with Dr Suvarna Balankhe gave their approval and the family was asked to come to Nagpur and the surgery was performed free of cost. Medical Superintendent Dr Arun Amle, Anaesthetist Dr Jipesh Chauhan also played an important role in the corrective surgery. Anand Sahasrabuddhe, Rajiv Darwhekar and volunteers of SAKSHAM worked hard for the success of the surgery. Also present on the occasion of the visit to Swami Vivekanand Medical Mission Hospital at Khapri were Ulhas Bujone, Secretary of the Mission Hospital.