Unhygienic conditions at Krishi Upaj Mandi

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 11 Jan 2019 11:30:56


Staff Reporter,

Despite instructions of district administration to ensure proper customers facilities, cleanliness and ensure proper safety, the situation is worsening day by day. Besides unhygienic conditions, filth, foul smell of rotten vegetables, presence of stray animals, etc., a major irregularity of operation of wholesale business from Krishi Upaj Mandi has become root cause for problems.

According to the system, the Krishi Upaj Mandi has arrangements for the wholesale buyers and sellers directly to purchase from farmers and sell to the traders.
In this system, wholesale traders have occupied space while also operating business simultaneously at the Sabji Mandi at Latkari Ka Padav, Gohalpur and at Milonigunj.

Owing to the ongoing wholesale trade at the Latkari ka Padav Sabji Mandi and other old and new markets of vegetables like Gohalpur and Milonigunj respectively, the retailers are bound to operate their business by encroaching open space or circulating area of Mandi. They are bound to pay rental for operating their shops.
Earlier, the wholesale market of vegetables was operated from Latkari Ka Padav Sabji Mandi. But when market at Krishi Upaj Mandi was developed, separate shops were provided to the vegetable wholesale traders and the wholesale market is shifted to Krishi Upaj Mandi.

Surprisingly, the wholesale business has not been shifted completely as mostly wholesale traders started operations of their business from both shops. The wholesale traders are having shops and space for trade in both the market but at Sabji Mandi in Latkari Ka Padav the retailers are bound to operate their business from encroachments. They are bound to pay extra money to operate their business while facing all challenges.

Earlier, when the shops were allotted in Krishi Upaj Mandi on the basis of license of wholesale trading of vegetables, the shops allotment in the Latkarni Ka Padav should be cancelled and should be procured by the authorities and must have been provided to the retailers in order to prevent operation of vegetable business in open.