Condition of busiest routes is miserable

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 12 Jan 2019 12:38:23


By Ashish Rajput,

Improper execution of town and country  planning is stalling the desired development of city. Absence of foresightedness in development projects imperilling the lives of residents at several densely populated areas. 

Civic authorities are in haste of developing Jabalpur as a Smarty City. On the other hand, old settlements of densely populated colonies are being overlooked to cater safety and security arrangements for residents.

Several campaigns have been initiated in recent past for developing better amenities in the city but civic authorities are yet to pay attention on key factors underlining the key factors of development.

Recently held mock drill of fire incident jointly conducted by Traffic police and Jabalpur Municipal Corporation exposed the vulnerability of situation at a densely populated area in the city. In the mock drill, fire brigade was rushed from Fire Brigade Control Room to Sarafa Chowk on different timings and the finding was shocking for the traffic police and fire brigade officers. The drill exposed several facts of mismanaged traffic, encroachments and illegal parking arrangements at main market place from Super Market to Sarafa Chowk.

The condition of busiest routes passing through main market places from Super Market – Fuhara – Kamania Gate, Gohalpur – Chhota Fuhara – Kamania Gate, Cherital – Dixitpura – Sarafa Chowk, Ghamapur – Belbagh – Futatal – Khatik Mohalla – Sarafa Chowk is miserable.

Surprising is the fact that even after chaotic traffic jams civic and traffic authorities have yet to prepare any strategy like one-way, regulating entry of commercial vehicles during peak market hours, systematic parking arrangements and strict measures for removing encroachments.

Additional Superintendent of Police (Traffic), Amrat Meena, while talking to ‘The Hitavada’, informed that even after hearing the siren of fire brigade residents did not able to give way for fire brigade due to illegally parked vehicles and encroachments.

Fire tender had to stop the vehicle at several crowded spots and removed illegally parked vehicles and encroachments to move ahead towards the spot of fire incident. He expressed the need to bring public awareness for avoiding encroachments and managed parking for better transportation in densely populated areas.

Along with the main market places there are several other areas where illegal constructions and other encroachments hurdles the access of emergency services. Civic authorities are failed in removing encroachments in residential areas and regulating commercial activities in residential areas.


Some residents of Sarafa, Kotwali and Lordganj main market places shared their views with ‘The Hitavada’ to solve the problem of encroachments and traffic at main market places


Amit Soneji, Cottage Industry Owner in Dixitpura says, “The condition of Sarafa area is miserable due to increasing numbers of encroachments. Local businessmen are responsible for the encroachments as they charged rent for allowing putting-up kiosks in front of their shops. Illegal kiosks encroaching parking area which leads to illegal parking of vehicles and traffic jams”.

Ravi Sharma, Law Student says, “Densely populated area and ill-mannered constructions are the main reasons behind deplorable condition at heart centre of the city. Mushrooming temporary and permanent encroachments must be stopped and authorities should check installation of kiosks for developing better amenities in Sarafa and Kotwali area”.

Gulab Singh, Jeweller says, “The condition of market area is very disappointing. Even after widening of roads and removing permanent structures the problem is yet to be changed. A strict campaign is required on the part of district authorities for removing encroachments and making proper parking arrangements to solve the problem”.

Suresh Johri, Jeweller says, “The situation is really vulnerable for any untoward incident in densely populated area. Actually, civic authorities and residents are equally responsible for the prevailing situation. Administrative authorities should initiate for strictly removing the encroachments while residents and visitors should follow specified guidelines for desired improvement”.

Sachin Soni, Businessman says, “Local authorities are well aware with the problem but all the anti-encroachment drives and traffic management campaigns come to end after a short duration due to political hurdles. Civic authorities can do anything with a firmed mindset to solve the problem and residents should also shoulder their responsibility to help the administration”.

P D Soni, Shop Owner says, “Removing food and other kiosks from road sides and reinstallation of electricity poles are required for widening of roads. Several persons put-up their kiosks taking advantage of electricity pole and encroached parking space. Encroachments are the main hurdle for traffic and parking place. There is a need of collaborative efforts from civic authorities, police and residents for desired development of the market place.

Deepak Soni, Auxiliary Unit Owner says, “It is a fact that life of residents in densely populated market places is not safe in case of any kind of untoward incident. Police and administration should consider this fact for taking necessary measures and solving the problem with the help of local residents”.

Dilip Kumar Agrawal, Jeweller says, “Along with the problems of traffic and encroachments, the biggest market of jewellers also requires law and order arrangements. Several loot, theft and forgery incidents are regularly reported in the area but police are yet to take concrete measures for checking the menace”.

Farukh Mansuri, Customer says, “Visiting the central market place is really tough job for customers due to absence of parking place. Not a single shop or establishment has their own parking space for customers and roadsides are jam packed with kiosks. Common people always face trouble to visit the market place during peak working hours”.