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Source: The Hitavada      Date: 15 Jan 2019 11:28:45

UNTIL the first few days, things appeared to be in a temporary phase. Subsequently, however, the United States of America (US) now seems headed for a serious crisis with political, economic and social dimensions, so much so that President Mr. Donald Trump now threatens to clamp Emergency in the country, an unprecedented step in such conditions in the contemporary American history. What was initially only a political showdown between the Republican President and his Democratic opponents now is about to turn into a full-scale crisis whose resolution is going to be very difficult, unless one side climbs down and accommodates the view of the other. Let alone the dimensions of the crisis, it is more than obvious that the issue Mr. Donald Trump has picked up for the current conflagration is very serious -- of building an impregnable fence along the border with Mexico from where countless thousands of people cross into the US annually and threaten to change the demographic and political landscape of the world’s most powerful nation. There are quite many people who see much substance in Mr. Trump’s argument, however extreme it might occur to others. 

The point which Mr. Trump is making has a global reference. He wishes to protect his country’s socio-economic and political systems from uncalled for invasion s and intrusions. He believes that rank outsiders ambush national economies with sheer numbers through illegal migration into more prosperous countries, affecting the entire sociological paradigm. When the global economy is getting twisted out of shape, when national incomes are getting restricted to the natural and also unnatural limitations of process of generation of surplus, when more mouths stake claims to fewer resources, things go out of control. This is what Mr. Trump feels is happening in the United States. And that is why his effort to protect the American footprint from getting infringed upon by outsiders. Hence his insistence on constructing a tight fence on US-Mexican border, so that unauthorised entries into the US could be curbed.

Let alone the dimension of domestic politics of Mr. Trump’s efforts, but he has made a point whose heat is being felt in many countries across the world -- in Europe, in the Mediterranean, in the Middle East, in Asia, in Africa. Because inclusive development has remained a very localised preserve across the world, the deprived people from undeveloped or underdeveloped world congregate on isles of development or peace or security. This migration is illegal and widespread, so much so that many developed countries realise their limitations to accommodate these unfortunate masses of people.

In India, too, the Government is facing the issue of the Rohingya Muslims. In the neighbouring Bangladesh and Myanmar, the Rohingya issue is causing havoc. There is also issue of somewhat similar nature between Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Unfortunately, there is no definitive political solution. Realising this, Mr. Donald Trump is seeking a physical border fence that illegal entrants could not go through unless they pass the strict scrutiny. What happens inside America may be an altogether different story. For, when Mr. Trump is halfway through his four-year term and early winds of elections are beginning to blow on the political landscape, things are getting hotter. Mr. Trump’s threat to clamp Emergency on the nation is a part of those political and electoral machinations.

Everything will depend upon how cooperative the Democrats agree to become or refuse to become. But nobody can deny the truth in Mr. Trump’s assertion of the Administration’s right to curb illegal migration into the US. Some may call his stance as pseudo- and extreme-nationalist. Yet, there may come a time when the whole world will have to come to a common idea of how to counter illegal migrations across the globe. That is the issue, whose implications and complications are too real to be ignored by the world governments.