Source: The Hitavada      Date: 16 Jan 2019 10:27:45



EVEN before he was elected the President of the United States, Mr. Donald Trump was issuing threats to the whole world. It was assumed at that time that it was out of political compulsion and to score over his rival  he was issuing those threats. It was hoped that once he assumed the high office there would be some moderation in his approach to the rest of the world and policy matters. However, Mr. Trump has done nothing of the sort. Like a bully he has been issuing threats to several foreign governments and has been asking the rest of the world to fall in line.

His trade war against China, his walking out of Paris Agreement on climate change, his protectionist stance on domestic issues, the decision to pull out of Afghanistan, the moves to teach a lesson or two to Iran and his latest threat to Turkey to devastate it, all are pointers to an arrogant persona. His fight against the Opposition on home front has thrown the US economy in unprecedented turmoil. Internationally Mr. Trump has isolated his nation as never before. It is unpredictable what is in store next. 



THE other day coach Stephene Constantine had raised false hope that the Indian football team would make the knock-out grade in the ongoing Asian Cup. His calculation hinged on the  hope that the team would account for Bahrain and strait away qualify for the knock-out stage. If not they would atleast manage an honourable draw which could also have ensured a place in the last 16. However, nothing of the sort happened.

It was a heartbreak in Sharjah. Though the team held on for 90 minutes and looked like protecting their turf, a blunder in the nick of the time cost it dearly and was knocked out of the tournament. Such an exit is not new to the Indian team. Its record in the Asian Cup has always been pathetic. One more insult has been added to the injury. While the Indian players are exposed to international players in the league tournaments, the latest early exit from an international meet is a clear indication of where Indian football stands. This shows much work remains to be done take Indian football to international standards.