Source: The Hitavada      Date: 18 Jan 2019 12:24:28










IN THE last ten years India has lost as many as 429 tigers to poaching menace. According to the Wildlife Crime Control Bureau (WCCB) the worst situation was witnessed in Madhya Pradesh, a State which prides to be home to large number of big cats in the country with Maharashtra and Karnataka coming in next in the casualty list. It is apparent from the account of the WCCB that the occurrence of poaching appears to be more pronounced where the density of tiger population is higher. India boasts to have achieved much success in the conservation of the big cat which was on the list of endangered species. Thanks to concerted efforts by the Government and some voluntary wildlife enthusiasts much success has been achieved in increasing the population of tigers throughout the country. While much success can be claimed in conservation efforts, poaching remains the worrisome area in this. Despite improved methods of surveillance, poachers appear to be outsmarting the conservationists. Besides, poachers, there is also the element of man-animal conflict.



THE reaction from senior Congress leader Mr. Kapil Sibal over the slapping of sedition charges on Mr. Kanhaiya Kumar and others is quite interesting. Mr. Sibal has gone to the extent of demanding scrapping of the sedition law which is quite strange for a former Union Law Minister and a renowned lawyer. Mr. Sibal was never averse to implementing the law when the UPA government was in power. He is now charging the Central Government with working under a ‘colonial hangover’. Strangely, Mr. Sibal did not do anything to abolish the sedition law when he was the Law Minister. This double standard once again exposes the Congress mentality of raking up non-existent issues only to malign any good work done by the NDA Government. The existence of sedition law is a major tool against anti-national forces that have the tendency to incite people and cause disturbance in law and order in the country. Scrapping this law will be a monumental blunder, leaving the country on the threshold of anarchy and arson.