In 2019, Resolve To Be A New You

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 02 Jan 2019 11:22:49


By vidya raja,

I am in the National Capital where temperatures have dipped to 1.8 degree Celsius, colder than even London. It seems like the winter this year is going to be severe. So brace yourself Delhi/NCR-vaasis. Each year, around this time, we get our new journals out and diligently make a note of all the things that we wish to achieve in the New Year. New beginnings These ‘resolutions’ mostly are about getting fit, losing weight, travelling more, saving more, and cherishing all these moments.

Fitness centres are the ones that benefit the most from our resolutions, after all, they come up with seemingly lucrative annual offers, knowing fully well that a majority of those who avail the membership will stop coming to the centre just as February begins.
Here are three resolutions that you can take, follow and not spend a rupee.

1. Take a step back and breathe
I learnt this lesson in 2011 when on a workday morning, I was running around like a headless chicken trying to get everything at home sorted before I left for work. I was in such a hurry that I slipped on the staircase and promptly broke my ankle. With that came a huge lesson–take it easy.
There is never any meeting or conference more important than your well-being.
Since that day, I have been very careful about doing things.
Do factor in some extra time, so you’re not late in reaching a meeting. However, if circumstances are such that you reach late, don’t fret.
2. Don’t just be ‘physically present’
How often you would have heard this–be present.
This is a lesson I learnt from my three-year-old. One winter morning, he was home because the pollution levels in the city were high, forcing schools to declare a holiday.
While he had an off, I had to get to my work. After ensuring that he was sufficiently busy playing, I started working.
He was fine for most of the day, but sometime in the evening, when in his head, I should have packed up for the day, he says to me, “Amma, you have been working on that laptop the entire day. You never played with me.”
While I tried to explain to him that it was a full working day for me, I realised that for him, having his parent around and not indulging in play was a frustrating thing.
Enjoy the small moments
This applies even to relationships, workplaces, workouts, dates, meetings, what have you. If you are present somewhere physically–make the most of it. Don’t stare at your phone, stop texting people who are not there, but engage with those in front of you.
3. Practice empathy
Empathy is one of the rarest qualities. In this hurried age where everyone puts themselves first all the time, this resolution can make those around you feel good and valued. A simple way to practice empathy is to act as if you are receiving action–how would you feel if someone else did this to you?
Choose kindness and empathy
If enough people think this way, the world will be a better place.
Don’t make ‘New Year’ resolutions this time around, make resolutions that will last a lifetime!