Source: The Hitavada      Date: 20 Jan 2019 13:21:25



Johan Wolfgang Von Goethe wrote: “If we examine every stage of our lives, we find that from our first breath to our last, we are under the constraint of circumstances. Yet we still possess the greatest of all freedoms, the power of developing our innermost selves in order with the moral order of the Universe and so winning the peace at heart whatever obstacles we meet. It is easy to say this and write this. But it always remains a task to which everyday should be devoted. Every morning cries to us. Do what you ought and trust what may be.”  

Just the mere act of questioning our ability to live an inspired life represents resistance, that we need to examine because it implies that we are deficient in our spiritual quest. In the World of spirit from where we came, there are no deficits or shortages. There is definitely no such thing as purposelessness. We are part of an intelligent system. We are divine beings who is piece of the entire creation. The fundamental truth each of us needs to affirm is to say that “All creations have purpose I too and Divine. We should print this statement and wear it proudly.”

 The ancient Biblical Advice says: “Ask and it will be given” and it carries the great message as we attempt our way to an inspired life. True asking is a plea for the assistance to put into practice that which matches up with our desires. The more intense our desire, greater the measure of Love and coming into contact with love is the very essence of inspiration. With monitory we get weakened and with love we develop abundant hope. The garden of the World has no limits except in our mind. The presence is more beautiful than the stars and with more clarity than the polished mirror in our heart. Always practice sharing anonymously. The more you become a sharing person the more flows back to you when you least expect it.

Ralph Waldo Emerson asked “We are very near to greatness one step and we are safe. Can we not take that step?” One has to chisel one’s personality like the Sculptor who chips away the unwanted positions of the rock and then the real figure emerges. We all can reflect light into our own life and other’s too. Cultivate a hobby like reading, writing, thinking, gardening, painting, teaching or even listening. Nothing happens by chance. Everything is designed.

In tight-rope walking, one has to look at the far end and not the rope. That gives us balance which is much-needed to lead a successful life! When we wash a window we see the scenario outside clearly. It has not become beautiful. We have removed the dust and made it clear. In personality development we see clearly what we want to see. Remember, that once you expand, you can never come back to your original size. We see Yesteryear Cinema Stars on Television. They look different now because they have given up the regimen of keeping the required shape.

My father used to say: “No one is perfect; don’t try to be perfect because you are human. You retire only when you are tired. So keep the needed enthusiasm high to live. Zest for life is full life. Anyone can start but only the thoroughbred will finish. Life begun has to be finished gratefully! Remember, that there is something you can do better than others. Search for it, find it and keep it. If your aim in life is vague, your performance will also be vague. If your input is little, your output also will be little. So, strive hard to produce the maximum you can.” You plan your vacation. You plan your holidays. You plan picnics and you plan your finances but you don’t plan your life. It is because no human being can have a perfect plan. It needs changes now and then. Like building a house. You alter it modify it and add rooms, change the flooring, paint it occasionally in a different colour. That is because you want change, variety and an altered atmosphere. You think that it will remove monotony and life will brightened.

The key word to achievement is persistence. Do it again and again each time in a different way, till you find the correct way. A friend once told me “I talk very little at home. I don’t force my opinions. I don’t give advice; I had given it all along my life. Now is the time to think withdraw and enjoy my own company”. There is a saying “It is good to live in want. It makes you think. It makes you to struggle. It makes you to plan and it makes you do things which gives light to life.”