‘trump’ card?

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 22 Jan 2019 12:56:31

THE domestic situation in the United States of America (US) has taken an uglier turn as Democratic Party rejected the latest offer by President Mr. Donald Trump for a possible melt-down on the border-fence issue. Even though Mr. Trump stressed that he would not oust 700,000 illegal immigrants in the US if the Democratic Party allowed the funding necessary for the wall along the US-Mexico border, the response of the Democrats came on expected lines, only adding to the overall chaos in the situation. But if they happen to sense blood and bay for more, then they could not be faulted actually given the tension that prevails in the power structure in the United States. No matter the details, however, the willingness of the President to make ‘some’ offer appears rather conciliatory in nature, even though he might never agree to any hint about it. May be, the Democrats may sense some light at the end of the otherwise dark tunnel. The US had really not seen such a chaotic domestic politics ever. 

The biggest damage that Mr. Trump is being alleged to have caused to the country is his partial shutdown of the Government as a matter of political threat. Not only the Democrats but also the common Americans read in the shutdown the President’s willingness to go any distance to have his signature electoral promise fulfilled. Even though the Democrats agree that illegal immigration into the United States needs to be checked, they do not agree with Mr. Trump’s approach to the situation. However, there are problems in the Democratic ranks as well. For, there are some among them who do not mind giving Mr. Trump a little concession, while others are itching for his impeachment.

A more or less similar condition prevails in the Republican ranks as well. There are people in the Republican Party who agree with Mr. Trump most naturally, but there also are others who have profound doubts about his ways and means and also his method of handling other political issues and challenges before the country. They may not be very vociferous about their views, but these Republicans do apprehend that some of the President’s moves may jeopardise his re-election bid whose process will begin in a few months.

Bipartisanism in domestic politics has always been the American way of running their democratic institutions. But as Ms. Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of Democrat-dominated House of Representatives, faces another challenge: She would not want to demonstrate her antagonism to the President as she must maintain sense of balance as the Chair of the House. Her actual challenge is to carve out a path that would not give an impression that she is not being non-partisan while dealing with the crisis. She would prefer to calibrate climb-down by the President as well as by the Democrats though she may not verbalise her inner feelings. At least for cosmetic reasons, Ms. Pelosi will want to maintain her non-partisan status.

That may make Ms. Pelosi’s moves quite tough, but she seems to have insisted upon the President to accept some reasonable climb-down from his high perch. It is difficult to say if Mr. Trump’s offer to spare 700,000 illegal immigrants from the rough hand of the law in exchange of USD 805 million for the border fence, had anything to do with the pushing Ms. Pelosi has been doing. Yet, the situation appears to have come to a point where a little deft handling may start developing cracks on the tough facades of both the parties.

At least until this stage, a lot of conjectures and speculations are doing the rounds of the political arena as the nation suffers at the street levels and in administrative matters. The initiative, however, is more in the hands of the President than in anybody else’s. He has to take the final call in sorting out the complexity.