Thoughts Become Things

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 22 Jan 2019 13:09:30


By kumar zilpelwar

Watch your thoughts, as they become actions,
Watch your actions, as they become habits
Watch your habits, as they form the attitudes
Watch your attitudes, as they lead to success and happiness.
Everyone of us wants to be successful and happy. Few of us make it to success, bunch of few make it to grand success and micro few make it magnanimous…If you read the above quadruplet carefully, you will understand the basic of your happiness and success is the thought… A mere thought, can take you where you want to, a thought is so powerful that one needs to go in depth to understand and cultivate the culture of thoughts in your mind. In today’s prequel, we shall touch few aspects.
As many of us might be knowing that, thought becomes things, is the first law of, law of attraction. I am not here to emphasise on complete law, but to elaborate the maiden one.

It is understood that, all the thoughts can not be things (Thanks to Universe, or else imagine you are travelling into the darkest den in the night, you think of ghost and ghost would have appeared) however, all the things were ought to be thoughts, initially. Imagine Burj Khaleefa, 823 mtr tall structure, now a thing, once was in the thought . For that matter, any product you use in day to day life, house in which you live, car in which you commute, airplane in which you travel, were all in the thoughts of someone, who conceived them, incubated and came with the finest wonders to mankind.

In an average, knowingly or unknowingly human mind generates 60,000 thoughts in a day. Few of them are productive and mostly non productive, I state this way, few of them are positive and mostly negative. It is like, on an open land: grass grows automatically or naturally however if you want to make it a garden of your choice, you have to plant the trees of your choice. Same concept applies with the thoughts. You need to cultivate possibility thoughts, productive thoughts and positive thoughts, very carefully, else you will be flooded by fearful, doubtful and negative thoughts.

It is said that, the battle is fought between the minds of brigadiers and then on Field with soldiers. Remember the famous dialogue from film, Chak De… War karna hai to Samne wale ke goal pe nahi, Dimag pe karo, goal khud ba khud ho jayega…It is always a mind game, thought game… If you think you can and if you think you can not, both ways you are right. Out of all the adversities a child grows in a small town of Rameshwaram to be called as ‘Missile Man of India’ and become most lovable president of India and there are dozens of examples of Hindi film industry star kids, who were pampered, provided with the most of the comforts, but hardly could create an impact.

It goes, which thoughts you are governed by. Be aware of kind of thoughts grows in your mind, your subconscious drives your behavior, however your subconscious can be programmed by conscious and continuous efforts by putting the right thoughts. Read good books, watch good YouTube videos, which are in tune with the things you desire. Watch your reference group as this is going to make major impact in your life, watch the music you listen to, watch the movies you like to see and watch the Internet sites you visit, as these are going to affect your day to day thought process.

Arnold Schwarzenegar, 7 times titled as ‘Mr. Universe’ in body building once asked to narrate his success story, while mentioning his 5-point story, he said, Ignore Nay Sayers…they really bring you down. You will find many people around you who will discourage you, ignore them, believe in yourself. On your left shoulder, there sits a devil, on your right there resides an angel. Angel in you always signals positive and encouraging thoughts and the devil in you feeds exactly opposite. Battle is always on and the battle is won by the one, who YOU feed the most. Be careful about the choice of thoughts as thoughts are going to make or break your life.

Many thoughts are just thoughts, neither strong or weak. Few thoughts are strong which becomes wish. Wish when pursued with emotions becomes desire. A thought to turn to the thing needs to have burning desire and heart attached to it. You need to energise the thought with strong positive emotions. Even your cellphone does not operate well for weak signal though you are using 4G network, you need to have strong signals to view videos, without buffering.

Thoughts which you make strong enough by putting positive and deep emotions in to it, thoughts you repeatedly announce yourself: may it be by daily writing for 21 days: may it be by way of affirmations which you chant in the morning just after you wake up, Thoughts for which you feel very strong about, thought which you pursue day and night turns to things. Thoughts are nothing but the vibrations. The greater and bigger the thing, one need to have stronger the vibration. The basic rule is, “Know What You Want, really…”

Abraham Hicks, proposed a theory of focusing on the thought for 17 seconds, he believes that any thought when purely focused for minimum 17 seconds is the ignition point of manifestation, It takes 17 x 4 = 68 seconds for thought to reach to its combustion point, you can hold the thought in your mind or you can say aloud. If you can reach to the level of focusing the thought for 68 seconds, your inner voice, instinct will give you signal that you have started attracting the Things, you desired to. Increase your concentration in multiples of 17 seconds till 68 seconds.

Start assigning good feelings to the thought, assign love and gratitude. Avoid negative emotions or feelings like doubt, fear and anger. You might have experience in your childhood days, while walking along the streets with your dog fearing friend, the dog will come close only to your dog fearing friend and not you. Fear is strong emotion though negative. So avoid assigning any strong negative emotions to the thought you want to convert it into Thing, rather assign belief, love, gratitude, joy, pleasure so the journey becomes easy and faster.

Instead of saying, I don’t want to be sick, Say I want to be healthy. Instead of saying, I don’t want pain, say I want pleasure…Instead of saying, I don’t want to be sad, say, I want to be happy… I was conducting a session on LOA, asked participants to close their eyes and asked them to bring a face of any woman who is not their mother. After opening the eyes after few seconds, I asked them, who’s face they could see while eyes closed. Majority replied, it was their mother. Mind does not register the word, NO…Avoid using Nay words in creating the thought.

Observe your thinking pattern for its positivity. Many times, you are not aware of the pattern of your thinking. It is like, the person who is overweight, always say that he does not eat much, then how come he is overweight… Observe your thinking pattern carefully for its weak and strong thoughts, Positive and negative thoughts, problem creating and solution oriented thoughts.

Most important part of the theory is, you need to believe firmly and fully on your though, without the firm belief, nothing is going to happen. TATA Nano car is the perfect example of belief of Ratan Tata. Your belief system plays most important role in your journey of life. Most of the time, it is your incorrect, false, faulty and limiting belief system which keeps you away from the target. Be aware of your various beliefs, change them carefully to turn to your advantage.

From this week onwards, start believing that, thoughts can become things and you will absolutely get what you really wish for, by following above steps. Thoughts are combination of words, words are powerful, let us understand power of words.
(The author is a Corporate Trainer, Motivational Speaker, Fire Consultant and can be reached at [email protected])