Source: The Hitavada      Date: 22 Jan 2019 12:59:54


By dr tushar chaudhari


The efficient skills are the compulsion is today’s world. The competition among young aspirants has stimulated the need and urge to develop skills. One can see vast number of people giving due importance not only to the hard skills, but they are making valiant efforts to improve soft skills also. But within the discussion of academicians in the world with the consultation of experts, new and innovative type of skills have emerged which are popularly known as employability skills.

Many of viewers might termed employability skills as the skills required for gaining the desired employment. But these are equally important for sustaining and progressing in an organisation. These skills are vital as they will make sure that one performs upto his own potential and can give significant contribution towards organisation goal.
So the next question is what exactly are the employability skills. There are so many skills which one can termed it as employability skills but following are the unanimous list of employability skills.

Communication skills: Communication skills are the basic skills which every employer looks. This will make people aware of the policies of an organisation. This will also enable people to adjust their own goals with organisation goals. Further we all know that at the time interview the communication skills are tested.  Team work skills: Team work is something which makes individual comfortable while working in a group organisation, society of family are nothing but a team. One has to master this skill so that individual can perform at his or her premium best.

Problem solving skill: Problem solving is not only related with personal, but also professional life. So long there is life there is going to be problem. One has to master the art of problem solving. For this purpose, one must understand that every problem has two factors. One which is under control of individual and one which are not control of individual. Any problem solving techniques relies on the fact that one need to concentrate on things which are in your hand.

Initiative skill: Initiatives are the initial steps taken in any activity. It denotes the enthusiasm of employee. If enthusiasm is there productivity will increase. Hence one of the employability skills is the initiative, which has considerable impact on employability of any individual.
Planning and organising skill: Planning is deciding in advance what to do in near future. Organising is something which leads to assembling and arranging things needed to do a particular job. Anything which has to be done is done on the basis of these two things. Hence employer always looks for these things.

Self-management skill: Self-management is having control over the thinking and working of an individual. The person having self-management is always in control of things. Anything which is invariable in nature does not affect his work. Individual working can be at par with employer’s expectation only when he is in control of himself.

Learning skill: Learning is a lifelong activity. No one should ever stop learning. For getting employment one must possess a skill of continuous learning. Also learning attitude will yield new job opportunities to an individual. Learning attitude will improve the productivity of individual. Same time learning will give competitive edge to individual.
Technology skill: The business is going to change by the course of time. The business which resists change will diminish very soon. Hence new technology is going to come in business. These new technologies must be learned in order to get employment.

Significance of skill development in the employment
In today’s era skill development has a special place. Skill development is needed in every discipline. It is ever so crucial when a young aspirant seeks a job in an organisation. Skill and employment are interrelated. Obviously no one is going to give a better job to unskilled individual. But type and level of skill plays dominant role in securing employment. The following points will illustrate the significance of skill development in employment for our readers.

Reduce turnover among young people in the early months of work: Skill development will enrich employee so that he will get a satisfied job at a first place only. Hence he will not shift from fresh job. Also employer will give a proper job to a skill developed individual; the area in which he has mastered the skill. Thus employer and employee both will work in an optimum capacity. will monitor his progress better than others.

Improve young people’s ability to adapt and settle into subsequent jobs: After settling into a job next thing an individual wish is a better job prosperity. If he does not get in current job he will look for better employment. Here skill development plays a significant role. It will not only find a better employment for individual but also will help him to settle into subsequent job.

Build a better foundation for lifelong learning through work:
As said earlier learning is a life long journey. But every kind of learning needs a base which skill development gives. Skill development has to better in order to learn new things.
For example if a person is well skilled to operate a typewriter he will find it easy to operate a computer.
Skill development will reduce the likelihood of young people becoming disillusioned with workplaces: If an individual is a skilled one then he will be able to do his job effectively. This will help him immensely in the course of employment. He will be comfortable in what he is doing also he will lay foundation in which further learning becomes easy otherwise people avoid learning as they are totally unskilled.

(The author is Assistant Professor, Seth Kesarimal Porwal College of Arts & Science & Commerce, Kamptee, Nagpur and can be reached at [email protected])