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Source: The Hitavada      Date: 25 Jan 2019 14:15:01


Actor Karan Vohra is playing Veer, who is a young and no-nonsense doctor, in the show Krishna Chali London.Apart from being a doctor, Veer is also Krishna’s professor in the show. He will be a hurdle in Krishna’s journey of becoming a doctor.Taking about the show, Karan says a daily soap is like a school where he can learn a lot about acting and more...

Tell us something about the show and your character, Dr Veer Sahay.
Krishna Chali London is a romantic story of a young couple – Radhey and Krishna. While Radhey is a supportive husband to his wife Krishna, she is fulfilling her dream of becoming a doctor in London. There are a lot of elements to this character which makes it all the more interesting. Dr. Veer is a character with different shades on Krishna Chali London. He is a young, no-nonsense doctor who is the head of the Cardiology Department at London Medical College. He has adopted British culture leaving behind his Indian roots completely.

What inspired you to say yes to the role?
My character on the show is unique in its own way and has something new and refreshing to offer to the audiences. Dr Veer has a lot of elements to him and is not outrightly positive or negative. He has his own past that influences his present. His set of values might seem wrong and disrupted to the world, but are dear to him.

How is your rapport with your co-actors?
My rapport with my co-actors is very professional on set. Since I have worked with the same crew before in my career, they are like family to me and we always have a fun time shooting.

How did you prepare for your role?
Being a character with many shades, I watched a few English TV shows that showcase the role of a doctor. I studied their attitude and dialogue delivery to be able to do complete justice to Dr Veer’s character. In addition to this, I also sat with the Producer of my show to understand the character better and understand his vision for my role.

How was your experience shooting in London?
I am really grateful to be shooting in London for my second show on television. London is a beautiful city and especially during winters when the snow covers the entire city, it makes it look very scenic. We shot a lot of scenes at Oxford University, London Eye and the London Bridge which are absolutely stunning on the eye. Just being there and getting a chance to shoot in one of my favourite cities in the world, was very overwhelming and exciting for me. I would often set out to explore the locales of London quite often right after my shoot schedule. It was truly an amazing experience shooting in the city of London and we will always cherish it.

What are your future plans?
Currently, I am completely focusing on Krishna Chali London and I hope viewers enjoy my performance on the show. I would surely love to be part of any movie projects that come my way in future.
For more, tune into Krishna Chali London, Mon-Fri at 9 pm on StarPlus.