Source: The Hitavada      Date: 29 Jan 2019 12:43:21



BY Poonam Menaria,

Q1: Hello ma’am, I appeared in class IX exams (SSC) last year. I scored 85%+ in Std 9th. I am confused whether to pursue science or commerce in XI and XII std. But since I am good in math, so I want to pursue studies in commerce but science is very tempting too. So the last factor remaining to judge a field is the career options which it provides, so can you please tell me which field would give more career options in which I can make a career and the suitable colleges for the same.

- Sambhav

Hi Sambhav, Good to know you have great interest in challenging as well as interesting subject like Math. And you are good academically too. Ideally Science+ Math open up all the fields including science based areas, commerce based areas and humanities too. The choices of career options are too wide with 100+ career options available today. It’s better to undergo formal psychometric assessment/career aptitude assessment to understand your interest, aptitude, personality traits and other environmental factors assessment with a professional career counselor or speak to Teachers/mentors so that you choose right career direction for optimal use of your academic qualification, subject interests, aim, aspirations and other contributing factors too. At my end, I can better be able to inform career options and colleges after assessing and working with above mentioned factors.

Q2: Respected Madam, I will be giving 11th exams with PCMB. I like travelling and knowing about new people and new places. Can I make travelling my career? Can I make travel journalism my career? How and what are the requirements? Please suggest. I need your help. --Kalyani

Dear Kalyani, it’s great to know you have an interest in travelling and knowing people. It will be good to have a realistic assessment of your interest at this stage, gauging all aspects from your perspective and objective view in mind inclusive of your interest, subject strength, aptitude, long term goals, abilities and efforts required in any domain or direction. Having an interest is wonderful and helps you in putting efforts whole heartedly and sincerely in your career aspiration. The priority and important question to be asked is “Am I willing to sincerely put in efforts in Travel Journalism with all its challenges thrown during the course and while facing hardships in making a career in this different path?” If the answer is yes then you can think of doing a management course like BBA/BBM or Bachelors in Mass media/ Mass communication etc that will help you in specialising at PG level in travel Journalism/Journalism. Not all journalists are hard core news reporters -- a large number of them actually specialize in domains such as travel, lifestyle, education and environment etc.


Travel journalism will give you an opportunity to write and travel. Consider doing an internship with a magazine, a newspaper or an NGO where you could experiment with your writing during your undergraduate days as good writing with a unique style is most important in this domain. You could also start a blog where you write about travel, college experiences, and life around you to practice your writing skills. You can of course do a PG degree in Journalism or Mass communication. But degree with no field experience will not enable you to make a career in the domain professionally. If the interest and idea is fantasy dreaming of going to exotic locations, travel and scribble few pages for memory and cherishing moments then do it as a hobby and enjoy it as it happens. For seriously making a career in it requires hard work, facing challenges, taking risks and single mindedly pursuing the goal. Best Wishes.