Major tragedy averted due to quick response of ERV team

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 29 Jan 2019 11:20:06



Staff Reporter,


A big tragedy was averted when a team of Emergency Response Vehicle (ERV) doused fire caught in a LPG gas cylinder at Kabir Nagar on Monday.  The ERV Tiger-1 dashed to the spot on receiving information about the LPG gas cylinder catching fire from the DIAL 112 call dispatch desk. Showing real ingenuity at the time of urgency, ERV team fashioned an iron bar as hook to drag out the burning cylinder from the home and extinguished the flames.

ERV team constable Rajesh Verma, Driver Sunny Sarathi, and call dispatcher women constables Sarita Tirki and Santoshi Yadav played crucial role in tackling the situation.
Meanwhile, on the same day, ERV Gobra-Navapara Tiger-1 caught a drunkard terrifying the public by waving sword in open near Dau the Dhaba. According to the police, a man was reported wandering with a sword on DIAL 112 on January 27. The ERV team comprising of DPCR In-charge Mukesh Jha, Constable Tulsi Bhoi quickly moved into action on receiving information from call dispatchers and took the man with sword in custody.