BJP leaders, workers recite Vande Mataram in Vallabh Bhawan Park

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 03 Jan 2019 12:25:01


Staff Reporter,

Taking umbrage on Government’s decision to discontinue ‘Vande Mataram’, BJP leaders and workers accused Congress of favouring oppressive policies

Opposing the decision of Congress Government to stop recital of Vande Mataram at Vallabh Bhawan park for time being, BJP leaders and workers assembled at Vallabh Bhawan park and recited Vande Mataram. On this occasion, BJP leaders criticized Congress in strong words.

It was around 11 am that BJP workers gathered at Vallabh Bhawan Park to recite “Vande Mataram”. They recited Vande Mataram song. Taking umbrage on Government decision to discontinue “Vande Mataram”, BJP leaders and workers accused Congress of favouring oppressive policies. They alleged that, in past, Indira Gandhi brought Emergency to throttle democracy and State Government led by Kamal Nath is also treading the same path. Congress Government discontinued Vande Mataram song recital which was going on for the last 13 years.

On this occasion, former minister Umashankar Gupta, BJP State General Secretary V D Sharma, MLA Rameshwar Sharma, MLA and former minister Vishwas Sarang, MLA Krishna Gaur, ex MLA Surendra Nath Singh, Jalam Singh Patel, etc. were also present.

In the meantime, CM Kamal Nath came down heavily on BJP and said that, he censures politics on Vande Mataram and temple. His Government is bringing Vande Mataram in new format and announcement in this regard would be done in a day or two. Notably, it was almost 13 years that that then BJP Government started recital of Vande Mataram at Vallabh Bhawan premises on first day of every month. Apart from this, before every Cabinet meeting, ministers used to sing Vande Mataram. It was on January 1 that new Government led by Kamal Nath decided to discontinue recital of Vande Mataram for the time being, raising the eye-brows of BJP. Ex CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan had become angry after coming to know this and expressed his resentment by doing one after another tweets.