Bhopal-Indore non-stop train by Feb

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 03 Jan 2019 12:21:47


Staff Reporter,

Bhopal Railway Division is flexing its muscles to start a non-stop train from Bhopal to Indore that will take hardly three and half hours to reach the destination

Bhopal-Indore non-stop intercity train is likely to run on the track by February first week. Time table and fare chart of the train is yet to be decided.

Bhopal Railway Division had earlier sent proposal regarding Bhopal-Indore-Bhopal non-stop train to Jabalpur zone, which got final nod. Now Railway officials are waiting for the green signal of Railway Board, which is expecting soon. It would be good news for those who need to travel by train to Indore from Bhopal in short span of time. Bhopal Railway Division is flexing its muscles to start a non-stop train from Bhopal to Indore that will take hardly three and half hours to reach the destination.

As per proposal of Railway officials, the train will be departing Bhopal Railway Station at 6 am, while Indore at 7 pm. The proposal is to run the train on Dewas-Maxi route to save at least one hour of the journey. The train passing through Ujjain route takes at least 6 hours to reach Indore from Bhopal. Railway officials said, on Dewas-Maxi route, there is no need to change direction of engine, while on Ujjain route, distance is long and the direction of engine needs to be changed.

If all thing goes as planned by Bhopal Railway authorities, then Bhopal-Indore-Bhopal non-stop train would be starting shortly. Currently, fast train takes at least six hours to reach Indore from Bhopal, while charted bus and other local buses are covering the distance in four to five hours. Hence, if non-stop train starts, then it will be like a boon to people who need to do daily up-down as it will be saving them lot of time. “Proposal for Bhopal-Indore-Bhopal non-stop train is pending with Railway Board. After getting final nod of the board, service will be started to cover the distance in almost three and half hours. The train would have all general coaches manufactured in a modern way,” said IA Siddique, Public Relation Officer (PRO) Bhopal Railway Division.

He further said, there is planning to start the train soon, but dates will be finalised by the board only. Currently, there is no non-stop train from Bhopal to Indore route and most of passengers travel through bus and taxi. There are about 300 taxies and 250 buses running on this route as most of passengers prefer to travel through these modes of transportation. In the meantime, a senior Railway officer on condition of anonymity told that earlier Double Decker train was started with the same aim but the due to lack of fare price, schedule, etc, it gave loss to the Railways. He said, Double Decker train had very bad sitting arrangement along with high fare. Scheduled departure and arrival of the train at both Indore and Bhopal station was not appropriate as per the daily commuters. He also fears that if metro train starts in Bhopal, this Indore-Bhopal non-stop train would fail. He said, metro train project includes connectivity to Indore, Gwalior and other major cities with Bhopal in shorter span of time.