All diseases happen due to metabolic disorder: Dr Kumar

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 30 Jan 2019 10:49:58


Staff Reporter,


DR S Kumar, Founder of Appropriate Diet Therapy Centre will be available for consultation in city on February 2. Dr Kumar is a well known scientist with a pharmaceutical background having experience of 25 years of manufacturing and marketing of Allopathic medicines.

According to Dr Kumar, all diseases are due to metabolic disorder. The present annual turnover of medial industry of India has reached Rs 90,000 crore, every year around one lakh new doctors were joining the medical field but proper solution of acidity still remains. There is no coordination between problem and cause, he added. The Appropriate Group set up in 2008, is his brain child, which he started after the un-timely death of his father. The food people consume was traditional, cultural and emotional, he added.

“Our body works on scientific principle of atmospheric pressure, temperature and pH (Hydrogen and Iron concentrate) due to which there is absorption, assimilation, interaction and excretion”, said Dr Kumar. He found a unique way of treating the so-called degenerative diseases.
The Appropriate Diet Therapy Centre has branches in different parts of Maharashtra and cities like Bhopal, Kolkata, Hyderabad, New Delhi, Gurgaon, Raipur and soon it will spread its arms in USA also.

Dr Kumar is also author of many books out of which Yes Milk, Abbi No Milk is more popular and published in 2006 and forwarded by Maneka Gandhi. He has also delivered more than 350 lectures among medical and non-medical organisations.

Dr Kumar with his team of senior and expert dieticians and nutritionists has successfully treated a large number of patients suffering from various diet-related chronic disorders like cardiac problems, blockages of arteries, obesity, Type-II diabetes anaemia etc. gynecological problems, including PCODS, inflammatory problems like Osteoarthritis, kidney disorders, gastrointestinal problems mainly IBS and cancer with dietary modification and nutritional supplements exclusively formulated by Dr Kumar.