Source: The Hitavada      Date: 31 Jan 2019 11:47:58











IN BRINGING the office of the Chief Minister under the ambit of Lokayukta Act, the Maharashtra Cabinet has taken a welcome initiative no other State has taken so far. This gives the Lokayukta Act the added teeth. Being the first among equals, the Chief Minister too must present himself for public scrutiny like other leagues in the Cabinet. This will definitely serve great purpose in imparting transparency to the functioning of the entire cabinet. The move makes the Chief Minister’s office answerable to queries which the people may like to ask. Gandhian activist Mr. Anna Hazare has been agitating for long to bring the high and mighty in the Government under the scrutiny of the Lokayukta Act. The Maharashtra Cabinet’s decision on Tuesday should meet the demands of the social activist. However, since he has decided to go ahead with his decision to launch hunger strike there appear to be some pending issues in respect of appointment Lokpal at the Centre and Lokayukta in the State. The Government needs to take steps to make the Act a reality and should brook no delay.


DIRECTOR of US Intelligence Mr. Dan Coats’ presentation to the Senate Committee on Intelligence confirms India’s charge that Pakistan has been using terror as a policy tool to further its agenda against India and Afghanistan. Mr. Coats notes that militants’ groups supported by Pakistan will continue to conduct attacks on India and Afghanistan. Pakistan’s fight against terrorism is only a facade and the attacks it conducts on terror groups are on those which are inimical to its own security. But terror remains a policy tool in the hands Pakistani strategists to be perpetually used against India and Afghanistan. That is why there is no let-up in the attacks on Kashmir by hordes of terrorists. Pakistan unabashedly declares full support to the separatists and terror groups operating from its soil terming them as freedom fighters. Similarly, while pretending to support the allied forces Pakistan is brazenly backing Taliban in Afghanistan to the hilt. This has remained no longer a secret.