Witnessing India’s series victory over Australia

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 31 Jan 2019 11:07:20


By Debashis Bhattacharya,

My family and I consider ourselves extremely lucky. Being the most passionate cricket lovers, we were present on all five days of the 4th test match ay Sydney in the first week of 2019. India needed to ensure that they did not lose this test to get the series and make history. India did much more than that. If it was not for the rain, we would have surely defeated the Ausssies and taken the series 3-1 instead of 2-1.

However, proud the Australian public and the former cricket greats may be, they were all generally unanimous that 3-1 would be a fair result, and that India dominated Australia in all departments in three tests with the sole exception of Perth.

First two days of the Sydney test were sheer entertainment for all Indian supporters on the ground. Mayank Agarwal, Pujara, Pant and Jadeja tore the famed Aussie bowling attack to shreds. And then our bowlers Kuldeep, Jadeja, Shami, and Bumrah worked all the Aussie batsmen over and showed  them the way to the pavilion pretty quickly.
On the last day, there was no play, but we (along with many other Indian supporters) waited patiently through the drizzle till the afternoon just to witness the presentation ceremony. Mostly Indians stayed back for this, but there was also a small number of Australians. Those I spoke to were quite forthright in saying that India was deprived of a victory due to rain intervention.

A few interesting and comments were made by the Australian TV commentators during the course of the series.
Tim Paine, the Australian captain, had tried to blame the pitch quality for the loss in Melbourne. He said that that Australia won at Perth due to the spicy nature of the pitch, and could not win at Melbourne due to the dormant pitch. But the former Australian cricket greats countered his argument by asking if the pitch was so dormant, why then was Australia unable to put up  good runs on the board, while India could?

Another excuse of Tim Paine was,” If you take out Pujara and Kohli out of this Indian team, it would be the same as us without David Warner and Steve Smith”. It was obvious that he was clutching at straws while drowning. First question asked was that you yourselves took your two players out of the team for open and downright cheating, how is it India’s fault? Would Tim still give the same excuse if they were injured? India plays the team you present them with. And why could not even one of the Australian players stand up to India?

Robert Craddock (Robert is a very well respected cricket journalist in Australia) wondered why the famed Australian fast bowlers did not get reverse swing on the old balls when the Indian fast bowlers could? In fact, after the cheating scandal at South Africa, reverse swing on the old ball has almost vanished from the Australian fast bowlers? Is this pure coincidence, or is there something more to it? The implication of this view is very clear – was Australia cheating beforehand also without getting caught? Although Robert did no not say so in so many words.

The summary of this test series is clear, Australia was simply blown away by our boys. Our batting, bowling, fielding and fitness levels were far superior.
India is number 1 in test ranking, and Australia is number 5. How the once mighty have fallen, and how the once humble have risen?

Sudhir Gautam, the famous Indian supporter who paints his body with the Indian flag, and blows the conch shell wherever India plays, was present in the Indian fan zone on all five days. We met him, took photos with him, and chatted with him when there was no play due to rain. It was also another experience to cherish, as there is no other more dedicated and passionate Indian supporter in the world than him. This was our icing on the cake.

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