Doing enough to end deadlock in RS: Venkaiah

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 04 Jan 2019 09:00:03



RAJYA Sabha Chairman M Venkaiah Naidu on Thursday took strong objection to some MPs blaming him for not doing enough to bring the House to order for conduct of proceedings, and said he had on several occasions spoken to members to break the deadlock. Rajya Sabha hasn’t transacted much business in the winter session of Parliament as proceedings on most days have been adjourned because of disruptions, particularly by AIADMK members who are protesting against a proposed dam on Cauvery river.

When the House met for the day, Naidu appealed to all sections to allow the House to function as only three working days were left and important bills, statutory resolution and ordinances are pending approval. “I would like everyone to understand that we are not sending a positive message,” he said, noting that the House has not been able to conduct much work. As many as 14 days have been lost to disruptions, he said. “I appeal to everyone of you to cooperate.”

Without naming anyone, he held out a copy of an interview given by a member where it was said that the chair wasn’t doing enough as only handful of members rush to the Well and hold the House to ransom. He said he feels sad about the Wednesday order when AIADMK members were suspended for the day but they continued their protest in the Well, forcing adjournment of proceedings for the day. Members, he said, have to follow instructions of the chair. Naidu said one section is saying that the Chairman hasn’t done enough to smoothly conduct proceedings in the House. “I have spoken to those members who have been agitating more than 10 times,” he said.