Increased rice production to curtail prices this season

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 04 Jan 2019 09:30:41


Business Bureau,

GIVING relief to consumers, this season the arrival of new rice produce is expected to bring down prices by Rs 200 per quintal as there has been a 20 per cent increase in production in Vidarbha.  Farmers in Vidarbha increased the area under cultivation of Chinoor variety. Last season Chinoor rice prices shot up as there was lower production.
“Excess supply of new rice produce has softened prices in the wholesale market,” said Pratap Motwani, Secretary of The Wholesale Grain and Seeds Merchants Association while speaking to The Hitavada.

He said that rice prices may not touch last year’s level due to excess supply in Kalamna wholesale market. “Rice prices are expected to increase from March onwards when the new produce gets exhausted and supplies dry up,” he said.
The prices of various varieties being quoted at Kalamna wholesale market are as follows: New produce of Surna Luchai at Rs 2,500 to Rs 2,700 per quintal; BPT new at Rs 2,800 to Rs 3,000 per quintal (old rice at Rs 3,200 to Rs 3,500 per quintal); Jai Shri Ram new at Rs 4,000 to Rs 4,500 per quintal (old rice at Rs 4,800 to Rs 5,500 per quintal); Chinoor new at Rs 4,900 to Rs 5,000 per quintal (old rice at Rs 6,500 to Rs 7,000 per quintal); BPT steam rice at Rs 3,500 to Rs 3,700 per quintal; Jai Shri Ram steam rice at Rs 4,500 to Rs 4,700 per quintal; Basmati high quality at Rs 9,000 to Rs 14,000 per quintal; Basmati medium quality at Rs 6,000 to Rs 8,000 per quintal and Basmati non-scented at Rs 5,000 to Rs 5,500 per quintal.

From exports of rice, there is an increase in total foreign exchange earnings this season (2018) at Rs 32,162 crore compared to the previous season’s (2017) Rs 31,996 crore, even though production was more  last year. There was a rise in earnings due to surge in Basmati rice exports this season, he said.  This season, total exports were at 74.13 lakh tonnes compared to 83.49 lakh tonnes of the previous season. This season, export of Basmati rice was at 26.29 lakh tonnes compared to last season’s 24.91 lakh tonnes.

Export of non-Basmati rice was at 49.22 lakh tonnes compared to last season’s 57.20 lakh tonnes. The earnings from non-Basmati rice exports this season was at Rs 13,422 crore compared to last season’s Rs 15,125 crore, he added.

Central India is considered as one of the major rice producing areas in the country. Bhandara, Gadchiroli, Gondia, Raipur and other districts in Maharashtra and Chhattisgarh are known for good quality rice. Many farmers in these regions supply rice to neighbouring countries. Some of the qualities produced here are known world-wide.