Is Nagpur a ‘smart’ city?

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 04 Jan 2019 09:36:21



Unless and until one is a victim, one dares not raise voice. This applies to me too. The day before yesterday I was on my way to office. As soon as I arrived near Kasturchand Park Square, a middle-aged passerby hurrying for his office fell near Shree Mohini Complex. I went to help him and was shocked to notice that he was completely drenched in effluents from a drain. I thought of reporting this to Nagpur Municipal Corporation, but I was busy with my routine. Today, I narrowly saved myself from falling at the same location while driving moped on way to my office. Then, I realised that if this dangerous spot was not brought to the notice of the officials concerned, a fatal accident might occur with any of the senior citizens.

I am at loss in understanding how none of the civic or Traffic Police authorities failed to notice the said spot, despite several esteemed organisations located nearby. Unless and until the civic bodies become sensitive and alert towards noticing and addressing such matters, the mega city of Nagpur is not going to be a ‘smart’ city. I hope the civic authorities wake up and take some corrective steps at the spot near Shree Mohini Complex.

-- Neetu Mishra