New tigress sighted in Balampur beat

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 04 Jan 2019 11:05:33


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Forest Department suspects that the tigress might have moved on from Raisen jungles

The Forest Department has tightened up the security as a new tigress has been spotted in Balampur beat under Bhopal forest circle. Forest Department suspects that the tigress might have moved on from Raisen jungles.
The tigress is being spotted in Balampur beat for past three days and she has also attacked a cow, which triggered panic among the nearby residents. Forest Department has increased patrolling in the area and also made announcement in nearby villages to be alert. Villagers of the area said there were no big cats for past many years and last time they spotted tiger in Balampur beat was during year 2012.

Forest officials said, the tigress has moved out of Ratapani and entered the area passing through Bineka and Sultanpur. They are also suspecting the tigress has moved out in search of a safe meeting with a male tiger.
Bhopal forest circle CCF S P Tiwari said, earlier, there were only 16 tigers in Ratapani Sanctuary. As per census report of 2014, number of tigers increased to 30. Census report of year 2018 expects to report about 40 tigers.

The recent two death cases of tigers in Obedullaganj and Goharganj areas kept the Forest Department on toes. Raising security concerns over the issue, Forest Department started paying special attention in few areas.
In the recent two cases, Forest Department is worried that even after several camera traps and strict patrolling in these areas, loopholes are being witnessed in safety of big cats. Concerned over the issue, the Forest Department has asked field officials to tighten the security provision of big cats around Samardha, Kerwa and Kaliyasot jungles.

The Forest Department has identified three tiger corridors in different forest ranges keeping in view the safety of tigers. The three areas are Bhopal forest circle Samardha, Veerpur-Sehore and Dahod Range under Obedullaganj. Special forest rangers have been appointed to monitor the security provisions of tigers in these areas.
A meeting was called by Forest Department with field staff to review the security provision and staff were directed to report each activity in their beat. In this meeting, Bhopal forest circle CCF S P Tiwari also gave a powerpoint presentation on safety and monitoring of tigers.

Recently, on December 7, a five-year-old tigress was found dead in Bineka range, very close to Obedullaganj. Both paws of the tiger were chopped off, which kept the officials on toes. On March 27, 2018, a 15-day-old tiger carcass was found in Goharganj area. Through his presentation, S P Tiwari said, there is movement of about 21 tigers in Samardha, Veerpur and Dahod forest range. These tigers are continuously changing their location and they have also marked their presence in Samardha range, Kerwa, Kaliyasot, Mendora, Rasulia and Bhanpur areas. In this meeting, officials suggested concerned team to increase the number of camera traps in the area very close to residential colonies, wire fencing, grass land inside jungles, water availability, solar pump, strengthening of natural corridor and other arrangements.