Source: The Hitavada      Date: 04 Jan 2019 12:04:56











WHILE China and Pakista n are in the process of feverishly upgrading their defence equipment, India’s plans have not even got off the drawing board in some very important defence manufacturing projects.The case in point is that of the combat vehicles project worth Rs. 60,000 crores which has got stuck up in procedural wrangling and differences of opinion among various arms of Government. The Future Infantry Combat Vehicle (FICV) project was envisaged in 2009 but since then not much has moved. The differences relate to who should prepare the prototype of the FICV -- whether a public sector defence manufacturer or a private company? Even after ten years Defence Ministry and Army headquarters do not seem to have even come close to ironing out their differences. It is really unfortunate that time and again such critical issues related to defence preparedness have got stuck up in the inordinately slow moving decision-making process in the Government while the neighbours arm themselves to the teeth.



VICE President of India and Chairman of Rajya Sabha Mr. Venkaiah Nadu has very rightly said that the country cannot emerge stronger without shared parliamentary agenda. While releasing the calendar of the Rajya Sabha on Wednesday, Mr. Naidu exhorted the members to converge their competing agendas into a national agenda. Thus every member of the two Houses of Parliament has the onus to make the nation’s development as common agenda and for that they have to subordinate their differences and make a common cause for the nation’s progress. However, the manner in which members and various parties behave during the functioning of the two Houses of Parliament, only chaotic scenes have become the order of the day, giving the picture that only treasury benches have the responsibility to finish the national agenda. Differences of opinion are part of the democratic polity. But when it comes to taking up national agenda there should be unanimity of purpose among all members of Parliament.