Cold wave back in Bhopal, other parts of State

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 05 Jan 2019 12:22:49


Staff Reporter,

With the change in weather conditions, cold has once again increased in Bhopal and some other parts of Madhya Pradesh. Bhopal shivered at minimum temperature of 8 degrees Celsius, two degrees below normal. Friday’s minimum temperature was one degree less than Thursday’s minimum temperature.

Weather Department said that there is no major change in temperatures in state and they are more or less stagnant. The downfall of temperatures is likely from January 7 onwards. As of now, induced cycer persists in West Rajasthan and South Pakistan. Under its effect, cloud factor is palpable. Moreover, light showers and thunder activities are likely in West Madhya Pradesh.

In last twenty four hours, weather conditions remained dry in State. The lowest minimum temperature of 4 degrees Celsius was recorded in Khajuraho. As of now, there is no warning of cold wave in any part of state. On the contrary, Weather Department said that there is possibility of rise in minimum temperatures in western Madhya Pradesh.

As far as temperatures are concerned then Jabalpur’s minimum temperature was recorded at 7 degrees Celsius, 2 degrees below normal. Its maximum temperature was 25.3 degrees Celsius, 1 degrees above normal. Gwalior shivered at minimum temperature of 6.2 degrees Celsius while Indore recorded minimum temperature at 11 degrees Celsius.

Even as temperatures have not taken the plunge but cold is intense enough to give shivering feeling to people. Round the clock, people are wearing warm cloth to protect themselves from cold. As cold is continuously haunting people, hence there is unprecedented rise in sale of woollen clothes in State.

The only sigh of relief currently is this that there is no cold wave in any part of state. But in coming days, western disturbances are likely to approach state and once they passes off from the state, temperatures are likely to take the nose dive.