Hindutva means tolerance: Fadnavis

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 05 Jan 2019 10:32:02


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Proud to be a staunch Hindu and Swayamsevak, asserts Maharashtra Chief Minister

“Hindutva means tolerance, respect for all faiths without losing innate belief in cardinal principles of our civilisational ethos and accepting right of others to co-exist peacefully,” Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis asserted while rebuking motivated criticism painting Hindutva as intolerant creed.

Fadnavis was responding to a volley of questions asked by President of Jagatik Marathi Akademi and satirist Ramdas Futane and Ashutosh Shewalkar during his open interview at 16th Jagatik Marathi Sammelan at VANAMATI Hall on Friday.

Throwing light on his core belief in Hindutva, Fadnavis confidently described himself as “a staunch Hindu and a proud Swayamsevak,” and recited the famous poem of former Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee as ‘Hindu Tan-Man, Hindu Jeevan, Rag Rag Hindu Mera Parichay,’ to elucidate his point.

“However, when such tolerant and accommodative belief system is challenged by forces inimical to its existence, some assertiveness is necessary,” Fadnavis stated while responding to slanderous assault against Hindu value system from some ultra left-liberal quarters. 

“When BJP-led Maharashtra Government came to power, it had presented a vision document along with road map before electorate. The document was based on the initiatives and changes to be made by the Government for growth and development of State. The Government has fulfilled most of the commitments as per vision document and remaining would be fulfilled in due course. But the main initiative taken by the Government was to wipe up the ‘Dukandari’ in each field,” Fadnavis added to thunderous applause from the audience.

Commenting on his four years in office and bureaucracy, Fadnavis stated, “All bureaucrats in administration are not bad. 50 per cent persons have tremendous capacity and potential while 50 per cent persons are doing time-pass while working. I have always supported the working persons and tried to motivate laggards. My each move was to repay debt of society with responsible resident of this State. Initially, I used to get angry when system was not moving with a desired speed, but now in last four years, my capacity to handle such stress has increased substantially,” Fadnavis quipped.

Be ready to adopt rapid technological changes

“Entire globe is witnessing rapid technological changes. We are moving towards Artificial Intelligence, Robotics-based production and Industrial Revolution 4.0 in which 23 crore existing jobs will be lost, but 25 crore new type of jobs will be created. This will impact our socio-economic system and our ability to face the change and ride the next wave of industrial revolution will decide our fate. Next 15 years are “make or break” years for India to become a 3 trillion dollar economy and we must ensure social cohesiveness, quality consciousness and adaptability to master the new techniques to lead the world,” Fadnavis stated while unveiling his vision for things which will shape our future in next two decades.

Speaking in detail about demands from every caste and religion to have reservation vitiating social dynamics, Chief Minister stated due to present turmoil in private sector, everybody wants to have a secured Government jobs.

“Every year, the Government can provide maximum 25,000 jobs and hence it is imperative that we must strengthen the eco-system in which private enterprise must thrive, new ventures be explored and new avenues creating wealth and jobs be encouraged,” Fadnavis stated while taking debate to a new height underlining the limitations of affirmative action and intervention of Government.

“People want Government job but they are reluctant to build their capacity to work in private industries,” Chief Minister lamented.

“There is a mis-match as private industries are complaining about not getting good efficient persons while the job-seekers are angry about not getting desired jobs. Instead of desiring jobs in the name of caste, youths should focus on capacity-building,” Fadnavis stated while making it clear that so long as social backwardness remains, Government is committed to provide reservations to socially and educationally backward communities.

Fadnavis also shared number of anecdotes of his teachers, school and college life and how they have helped him to reach to the position of Chief Minister.