City’s three innovators create bin that converts liquid waste into fertiliser

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 06 Jan 2019 09:52:18


By Vikas Vaidya,

In most houses leftover food is either dumped in sink, bathroom, toilet or by roadside. Often, food containers get stuck in drains leading to choking of drainage line making it difficult for anybody to clear it. The unclear drain, drainage lines and leftovers thrown by roadside pose health hazards to not only the dwellers but also other residents.  Taking cognisance of health and hygiene of citizens, three young Nagpurians have come up with a solution -- Ezy Liquid Disposal Bin and Ezy Vomit Bag -- to the growing  problem. Their innovation is not only useful in clean disposal of liquid waste but also in converting it in hybrid

Acknowledging its usefulness, the product was adjudged ‘The Best Innovation’ by Godrej recently. The young innovators are Pratik Harde, Prateek and Ritu Malhotra. The trio has founded ‘Innovations’ through which they have come up with three more products and acquired patents for the same.

Elaborating about the latest product, Pratik Harde said, “Liquid waste is one of the growing sanitation concerns around the world. India generates 62 million tonnes of waste every year, of which less than 60% is collected and around 15% is processed. The generated waste can be divided into three major categories: Organic (all kinds of biodegradable waste), dry (or recyclable waste) and biomedical (or sanitary and hazardous waste). Waste from the hospitality industry consists of both wet (organic/biodegradable) and dry waste. The wet waste consists primarily of food waste, which can account for more than 50% of the hospitality waste (Curry). Million liters of liquid waste are generated each day in hospitality industry which is disposed in sewages or dumped in open areas.”

“We came up with Ezy Liquid Disposal Bin in which we have applied macro molecule pulp. It gets mixed with the liquid waste which is converted into semisolid and the end product is hybrid fertiliser. This hybrid fertiliser can be used as landfill closures, petrochemical spills, and other environmental clean-up projects. It reduces waste transportation (as the need to carry liquid waste somewhere else does not arise) and disposal costs from these operations by solidifying liquid waste while minimising an increase in weight and volume. We have received approval from Environment Protection Agency,” said Prateek Malhotra.

“It can be used by energy companies to solidify the liquid waste by-products of oil and gas drilling, and mining. wherever industry has a need to solidify a liquid waste stream – whether for manufacturing, maintenance or environmental cleanup,” pointed out Ritu Malhotra.
The unique characteristics of it is, besides their ability to absorb the highest volume of water or organic fluids, it resists biodegradation and retain their absorbed liquid under pressure; all of which it ideal for waste disposal in landfills.

Ezy Liquid Disposal Bin contents are non-toxic and non-hazardous (when mixed with fresh clean water you can eat it). Nausea is one of the common problems during travelling which creates discomfort to the fellow travellers but Ezy Vomit Bag does not have that issue. In fact, it emits fragrance.

Usefulness of the innovation

It absorbs liquids, converts them into granules in 10 seconds and do not let germs of dangerous diseases spread in air

Can be used multiple times
After complete use it get converted into fertilisers

Contribute to smart cities with clean and hygienic environment

Saves million liters of water used for cleaning spit marks and liquid waste

Saves money spent on cleaning public places and brings down transportation cost

Will improve cleanliness and ultimately ensure citizen satisfaction

Will improve ecology and environment of river flowing through city areas

Improves soil quality, preserves water and resists drought stress

Increases seed sprouting and seedling development leading to better farm success