‘No dearth of talent in India’

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 07 Jan 2019 11:08:04


Staff Reporter,

The Governor Anandiben Patel said that there is no dearth of talent in India. Ancient India was leader in the world in the field of science and technology. But we did not get it patented because there was no such thing that time. Numbers from zero to nine were invented in India. There used to be ‘Pushpak Viman’ during the ancient time in Indian sub-continent, helicopter of modern era is sophisticated version of this ‘viman’. The Divya Drishti of Sanjay of Mahabharata was unparallel in the world. History of India is 5,000 years old. The civilisation, culture and scientific inventions are also continuing since the last 5,000 years. This was said by the Governor Patel at the inaugural function of Vidyarthi Vigyan Manthan Shivir at Modern School, Indore.

Good culture must be instilled in children from womb itself: The Governor Patel further mentioned that the tale of Abhimanyu in Mahabharata tells that child starts learning from womb itself. In the modern era, pregnant women must do such good work to help the child in learning good culture from womb itself. They should ensure that child could get teaching of yoga, meditation, music and science besides nutritious food in womb itself directly. Literacy is needed for pregnant mothers to give good culture to child in womb.

Patel further stated that scientists of India have discovered that trees and plants also have souls. Regular Ras keeps on circulating in plants like blood circulation in human beings. They also get positive impact of peace and music.

Medical education must for students: Patel said that education while play is must for students. They should not be pressurised and should be without tension. She mentioned that there is a shortage of doctors in our country, students should be given medical education. Education of science is must for students to make them doctors and scientists. Science subject needs good amount of money and labour. Science teaches us to differentiate between good and bad besides fair and unfair. We can weigh spiritualism, culture and traditions on the scale of traditions.

UGC Chairman Dr D P Singh said that there are one lakh 40 thousand members of Vigyan Bharti Sansthan in India. It was established in Bengaluru in 1981 with an objective to encourage science.

Old tradition of science and knowledge in India: Dr Anil Kothari while addressing students said that India has ancient tradition of inventions and science – knowledge. The world renowned Meghnath Saha, Vikram Sarabhai, S Chandrashekhar, C V Raman and others took birth in India. The convention has been organised with an objective to encourage science students, he added.

Dr Pradeep Sharma mentioned that India is one among the ancient countries. Our country is rich in science, arts, music and culture since ancient times. Dr Rajeev Dixit, Anil Kariya, Anil Rawat, Santosh Patel, Anil Khare, Sunil Joshi, prominent citizens and students in large number were present in the programme. The programme was conducted by Anupama Modi.