We can be a bonsai or a giant tree

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 07 Jan 2019 12:26:31



Selling and marketing luck has been big business since time immemorial. From Witch Doctors to religious cults from clairvoyants to get rich quick, conmen have prospered at the expense of the weak or the vulnerable. We cannot buy luck but we still hanker after it.

The truth is that luck is available to everyone, not in the way that we hope and wish, but one can become lucky. Some of us have listened from actors, singers or models who say that they were lucky. But what they are really saying is “I made an effort, got off my backside and got into the right place at the right time”! Every successful person says that he had a bit of luck. This, perhaps, is modesty.

It is also interesting that people who classify themselves as unsuccessful attribute it to bad luck. We must understand and distinguish between luck and chance and there really is a big difference. Chance can be a win on horses, a win in a lottery, a throw of the dice or a win in a football pool. Chance is something totally out of our control and to base one’s life, hope, prosperity or success on chance is a destroying approach which can only breed disappointment. Betting shops are full of people trying to be lucky.

If they invested that money and time spent, selecting the so-called winning horse in themselves, it could be a great help to the family. Our greatest asset is our willingness to do hard work and leave the results to chance and circumstances. There is a saying that ‘a person going nowhere naturally gets there’. We all have goals. There is no successful person in the history of mankind who has not achieved success by setting goals. To be lucky, goals are essential. If we omit goals from your agenda, we will be dependent on chance.

It is important to have a plan to achieve goals through personal planning. Achievement comes through visualising goals and carrying out a systematic plan to achieve those goals. One does not become lucky by setting and waiting for a phone call or the postman to arrive, or the right numbers in a lottery! It is amazing how you can become lucky with a little bit of extra activity, attention and effort. Luck is where planning meets opportunity. Every successful person when planning for the future takes stock of his assets and resources. Our greatest asset is our brain, belief in ourselves and faith on what we can do. As my teacher said once “If we are really fortunate, our time is divided into three i.e. work. Play and good sleep.”

There is nothing called the ideal time in future; on the contrary the ideal time is now. Always stick to your final decision and not the first option! Success depends on snap decision, sticking to them and jumping straight into action. In fact, all success stories are punctuated by failures. Life is a test and determination is often rewarded. In fact, all our thoughts tend to materialise. You may see obstacles opening the route but you keep going forward. The present is available and so make the best out of it. We go in search of happiness when it is actually within. In the book ‘Acres of Diamonds’, Russell Conwell tells the story of Hamid Al Fed who sold his farm, wandered around in search of wealth and got drowned in the Sea of Spain.

The man who purchased his farm found diamonds in his backyard. Planning in life is essential. It may not work the way we think but not planning is absurd. An unplanned life is like a feather in the wind. Plan something; do something; the unexpected will happen.

ROBERT Browning said “Grow old along with me; the best is yet to come. A man’s values are not measured by the years he has lived not even the work he had done but by the character he has moulded. We all should empty old ideas for new ideas to enter. One has to chisel one’s personality like a sculptor who chips away unwanted portions and the real figure emerges. Alexander Dumas as a boy picked-up a large piece of broken mirror and started playing with it. He could reflect light into a dark tunnels, caves, crevices where there is light. Later, by writing books he could reflect light into the thoughts of readers who had the chance to read his books.

This is interpreted as being born twice, once out of the womb of the mother and the other out of oneself. Think of success all the time; remember success stories to make our own life successful. Nothing happens by chance. Everything is designed. You may see a cloud temporarily; it will lift itself to see the rich blue Sky!