Domestic violence

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 08 Jan 2019 12:14:57

Domestic violence is also called dating violence, intimate partner abuse, intimate partner violence and domestic abuse - takes many form. Maltreatment also take place in context of any romantic relationship, that is described in above. It therefore affects man, women, girls and boys, whether in married or unmarried life, heterosexual or homosexual relationship. 

There are one or more form in intimate partner violence they are - emotional psychological, sexual or economic abuse and it is defined In such a way that any person who tries to put down or otherwise control the other. Here comes physical violence which include hitting, pushing etc. Whereas verbal, emotional or psychological are described by using words to criticise decrease the confidence of wife, husband or other intimate partner victim.

Sexual abuse refers to any behaviour that uses or sexual practise in which he or she doesn't want to participate. Domestic violence is a major health problem in that it affects millions of people and often results in physical and emotional injuries and even deaths. The effect of domestic abuse are health and 25% to 50% of their families h avelost their homes just because of intimate partner violence. Victim of domestic violence are more likely to experience trouble raising their children and suffer family disputation as well.

Victim of intimate partner violence are vulnerable to developing depression and anxiety. Partner abuse of pregnant women has been associated with pre-terms deliveries of low birth weight babies. There is no specific cause for domestic violence. Women are at highest risk in domestic violence because of their male partner abuse them A mindset that gives men power over women puts individual at risk from becoming involved in an abuse relationship. Adult family members can help to prevent domestic violence by being nurturing and by providing consistency structured supervision.

Even there are yet some domestic violence centre who help the victim by listening their problem and to find solution for this. The future of finding solution to domestic violence includes continuing to improve the effectiveness of treatment and to strengthen legal protection for victim as well as accountability and treatment for abusers.




Heeny Tilwa