Election of Assembly Speaker today

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 08 Jan 2019 11:50:15


Staff Reporter,

N P Prajapati is Congress candidate while BJP fields Kunwar Vijay Shah

Madhya Pradesh Assembly will hold election for the Speaker’s post on Tuesday. The election has become mandatory as BJP has fielded its candidate Kunwar Vijay Shah for the coveted post. Congress has forwarded name of senior MLA N P Prajapati for the post of Speaker.
It was during session on Monday that Opposition BJP took the form to field its senior MLA Kunwar Vijay Shah for Speaker’s post. As election is inevitable for the post, Congress is bent on the demand that election should also be held for Deputy Speaker’s post.

So far, it has been the untold tradition in House that Speaker is from ruling party and Deputy Speaker is from the Opposition. It is being told that it is after 46 years that Assembly will see election for the post of Speaker.
Congress is of the view that it is having no problem as far as election for Speaker is concerned but by demanding election, the BJP has diminished its own chances of getting Deputy Speaker’s post as now ruling party will also demand election for the Deputy Speaker’s post.

When contacted by ‘The Hitavada’, BJP candidate for Speaker’s post, Kunwar Vijay Shah told that it is Congress first which broke the set tradition by ignoring seniority in naming Pro-tem Speaker. “During Atal Behari Vajpayee’s regime, Kamal Nath was made Pro-tem Speaker. In Madhya Pradesh, when BJP was in power, it named senior most leader of Congress, Jamuna Devi as Pro-tem Speaker,” he told.He added that Kamal Nath government will face first test on floor of the House as he would be staking claim for Speaker’s post on Tuesday.

“I will appeal all MLAs, including Congress and Independent MLAs, to support my candidature for Speaker’s post,” he asserted. “I have vast knowledge of proceedings. I remained in Opposition for 15 years and remained Minister for 15 years,” he said. He said Speaker’s post is not reserved for any party, rather it is party with majority which gets the Speaker’s post. BJP and Congress both don’t have majority. Moreover, Congress government is crippled government, he claimed.