For a fruitful year ahead

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 08 Jan 2019 11:52:25


By mamta solanki,

As the clock struck midnight of December 31 along with wishing near and dear ones many of us might have made few resolutions. Some might have taken it as a challenge to fulfill it and few might be thinking that it is made to be broken. But joke’s apart, for professionals, who are working round the clock a little disciplined approach towards work may help in streamlining their work and thus improving their efficiency. Below are 6 tips that every professional should embrace, to have a fruitful and prosperous year ahead:

Stay Updated:
We are living in a technological era, so it is the need of the hour to stay updated with the recent technological changes that is happening. Everything is available within a click of your finger tip, so maximise the use of it. Always try to upgrade yourself, let it be technology or by learning new skills or by getting new degrees or certificates.
Be calm and focus on work:
Handle office pressure with calm. In hurry or being impatient will only hamper your productivity. Instead maintain a positive attitude and find ways to solve the problems. Make a habit of helping others in their work. With this you will not only be able to create a rapport with your colleagues but also in future if you require any help, you can definitely count on them.
‘Work-to-do’ list:
Before closing the day’s work, make a habit of maintaining a daily ‘work-to-do’ list that should be done in the coming days or next day. By doing this, there will be a minimum chance of skipping or forgetting any work. Start your day’s work, by referring your list which you had made the previous day. This list can be made in Excel sheet, Diary or a small notepad. There may be issues that need to be addressed immediately or which requires your attention, so set priorities as per its need.
Healthy Work culture:
‘Stay away from gossip’. ‘Gossip’ a difficult word to digest, but be a corporate, small company or any workplace, one can never stay away from it. The best way to be a part of it is to be less curious about the negative happenings, instead take inspirations from those who have made some substantial growth in their field. Have healthy talks with your colleagues, spend some time in gaming zone with them, go for mini vacation and also include families for such trips. Go for adventure trips, which will help to create a team building skills and in turn will also help to develop bond.
Wear a smile always:
Another positive trait that should be carried in your day-to-day activity is always keep smiling. A perfect smile can really make wonders which also helps in boosting confidence and reducing your stress. Start the day by greeting your colleagues, irrespective of seniority. By this you can create a positive vibe around you and which will in turn helps in building relation within the organisation or with the outside world.
Stay Fit and Healthy:
This is the most important rule that should be followed. Keep it in mind that ‘if you are not healthy, you are not good for your employer’. So better have a healthy lifestyle. Include exercise in your daily regime, preferably in the morning. Have a healthy meal and for breakfast include cereals, fruits and juices. Minimise the consumption of sugar intake. Have green tea or tea/coffee without sugar, or you can also use honey instead of sugar. If your work is limited to desk only (working on computers) then after each hour take a break of few minutes, for which you can also use the desktop notification option, which will remind you to take a break from your session. Take the help of Google and surf for videos related to mild exercise that can be done while sitting in office desk. ‘Life is short, and should be lived to its fullest, it is an exam where the syllabus is unknown and question papers are not set, and the results can be unexpected too’ so be prepared for it.
Every employer requires a hard worker, honest, sincere and knowledgeable employee. Include these positive traits and have a wonderful and successful year ahead!
(The author is Asst. Manager- Academic Affairs, Institute of Management Technology, Nagpur and can be reached at [email protected])