Source: The Hitavada      Date: 08 Jan 2019 12:13:09











THERE could not have been a better way to begin the New Year than scripting a golden chapter for Indian cricket. Virat Kohli and his wonderful team of believers have done what no Indian squad could achieve in last 71 years -- a Test series win in Australia. It is a historic moment for Indian cricket and must be cherished and celebrated with relish. Beating Australia in their own land does not come on platter, whatever the team they put up. This team, sans Steve Smith and David Warner, was touted to be the weakest ever and yet the Aussie resolve never let them give in easily. This makes India’s momentous triumph all the more remarkable. They had to be in the ascendancy right from the first day on the Aussie shores. And India have done that on the strength of their innate belief and core value of being a worthy fighter. Doff your hat to the Marathon Man -- Cheteshwar Pujara -- and raise a toast for the bowling unit. Both these factors formed the pivot around which India’s historic win was built. It started from South Africa and found a sweet end Down Under.


DIRECTOR General of Railway Protection Force Mr. Arun Kumar has unveiled a security plan under the Integrated Security System (ISS) which resembles one that prevails at airports. At the airports passengers are required to reach the airport a few hours ahead of the departure of the flight. What the Railway security system, already being tried in Allahabad and Hubli (Karnataka) stations successfully, however, stipulates is that passengers should report at the station just 15 to 20 minutes before the departure of the train for security check. The system is quite elaborate and was much needed. The Mumbai terrorist attack and several other terror attacks on trains from time to time at various places has made it necessary for the Railways to introduce an elaborate security and surveillance system. For putting in place such a plan, latest surveillance technology is of essence and that is what the Railway administration plans to introduce at 202 stations in the entire country soon. Of course cooperation of commuters is of essence.