‘Give up addiction, start a new chapter in life’

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 09 Jan 2019 10:08:31


By Nandu Andhare,

“Don’t waste your life by falling prey to addictions. Life is a precious gift. Make best use of it for self and society. Give up addiction and start a new chapter in life,” urged popular singing star and son of the legendary Playback singer Mohd Rafi, while addressing a gathering of patients, young and old, who have fallen prey to addiction, at the Sahas Vyasan Mukti Upachar Kendra Manewada recently.

Shahid Rafi, who hails from a family that firmly believes in staying away from all vices, was visibly moved, when he met the victims of addiction, and heard their tale of woes. They touched his feet, with a plea distinctly visible in their eyes, to extricate them from this vicious contagious habbit.
Speaking to this scribe about his experience at the Upachar Kendra, Shahid said that he was appalled in seeing their mental condition and felt that a serious effort needs to be made to rid these people of the scourage. He was full of praise for Vijay Shende, Director of the Kendra for having toiled tirelessly to wean the addicts away from the urge, having succeeded in treating 3000 patients and is still at it, to work on the others who have joined the kendra for seeking refief. He had felicitated Mangesh Chauhan a Bank Officer, who celebrated his second sobriety birthday on Sunday.

Shahid was in city to participate in a charity event organised by Harmony Events, that raised funds for the benefit of the Sahas Vyasan Mukti Upachar kendra.

Addressing the gathering at the Kendra, Shahid quoted example of his own father the late Mohd Rafi, who, inspite of being involved with the glitzy world of Cinema, never ever touched a Cigarette or alcohol in his life. “He was God fearing and a puritan, who loved his food and music. He was a very kind hearted saintly kind of a person, who went out of the way to help the genuinely needy, at times with money and at times with food.

Abba always encouraged and motivated people he came in contact with, taking the lead in the salutation, to break the ice. He had no ego problems and treated others at equal level. He never believed in cast and religion and that helped him in rendering songs and Bhajans in many languages. Had Abba been alive, he would have been very proud of Vijay Shende, who is working in a high risk group, that needs courage. It is God’s motivation to Shende to do this social work,” he quipped.

He appealed to all those affected, to look back for a moment, towards their families, who eagarly wait for their father to return in his usual jovial mood and to take care of them. He also lauded the commendable work being done by the Kendra in counseling those who drink and drive. Shahid Rafi again asked the gathering to enjoy life by doing things that an individual loves most and kicking addiction.