Minister Akbar orders probe in white tiger death

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 09 Jan 2019 11:12:41



Staff Reporter,


Forest Minister has ordered full probe in the death of a white tiger ‘Vijay’ in Kanan Pendari Zoo of Bilaspur recently. The Zoo was surrounded with controversy after a white tiger was found dead in suspicious conditions. Kanan Pendari Zoo Management told snake bite the cause of death.

Discussing the issue during a press conference on Tuesday, Minister Mohammad Akbar said that he himself had reached Kanan Pendari Zoo to probe the matter. Minister interrogated the doctors who had performed post-mortem, but none of them could give satisfactory reply. Doctors told the Minister that tiger’s heart was blackened and his tongue turned blue, which indicates toward snake bite. However, when Minister asked why there wasn’t any snake bite marks appeared on tiger carcass, doctors cited the thick fur which covered the bite marks.

Not getting any satisfactory reply, Minister Akbar ordered sending the organs of tiger to Bareli laboratory for further examination.

On the fateful day, caretaker feed the tiger at 7 pm and left the zoo after handing over the keys to Zoo Management.
The next morning when wild animals were taken out of their enclosures, tiger was lying motionless. Zoo Management remained aloof of the tiger’s death for full 15 hours, which raise suspicion. Minister questioned how come no one heard tiger snarling in pain? Why Zoo Management remained unaware for so long?