Source: The Hitavada      Date: 09 Jan 2019 12:12:44











THAT the US and Chinese delegations are meeting to ease the current wave of trade war is a matter the whole world is watching with great anxiety. The trade war that US President Mr. Donald Trump began last year against imports from China worth USD 250 billion, ever since has escalated into a full scale business conflict between the two richest nations of the world with China retaliating with equal force against US imports. But the impact of this trade war between the two economic powers has not remained confined to them. Its spill-over effect is now being felt by the rest of the world. The rivalry between US and China is showing its impact on the economies of both the countries. Hence it was a matter of time that the two leaders, Mr. Trump and Mr. Xi made the conciliatory moves sooner than later. Beginning January this year, the two leaders have agreed to halt any further tariff increases. That is a clear sign of distress and realisation of the futility of their actions. Such a war is utterly unsustainable in today’s multi-polar world. Mr. Trump has a lesson to learn.


INDIA has scored a significant brownie point by taking over operations of the strategic Chabahar port in Iran. It will open a gateway for trade to central Asian countries giving a major fillip to businesses in India, Iran and Afghanistan. Major players in the three countries were finding it difficult to approach these markets due to the adamant stand taken by Pakistan in providing transit access through its territory. By signing an agreement to develop Chabahar port in the Sistan-Balochistan province of Iran’s southern coast, India had made a strategic move to counter Pakistan’s Gwadar port, situated within the vicinity of Chabahar. After a brief hiatus, New Delhi devoted its full energy in taking control of operations in Chabahar and has successfully managed to bypass Pakistan waters and open up a viable route for Indian businesses. It is also a big gain for India’s foreign policy makers who managed to keep the Chabahar deal secure from US fury against Iran. Chabahar also provides New Delhi a chance to take a firm leadership role in Kabul.