You forget what you are taught, but remember what you have learnt

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 10 Feb 2019 11:40:17




One of the qualities that intrigue us is the way we handle rejection, defeat, setbacks that we have to face off and on. Succeeding has a great deal to do with how we handle adversity. Some face adversity boldly and overcome the situation while others buckle town in despair and accept defeat. People with resilience have a very unusual way of viewing rejection.

They are able to learn from negative experiences and turn them in advantages moments. People with resilience demonstrate a unique approach towards dealing with situations that don’t go their way. Most of them dwell on it and tend to be a little self-critical. But they must enough determination, shake off negative feelings and learn how to take the next step. It is an unknown voice that tells them that the road taken is wrong and there are alternative ways of doing the job. Individuals, who have the talents and ambition to move ahead, receive signal and do the job in a different way. It is all a simple matter of learning lessons not to make such mistakes again.

People with courage and vision change the path and overcome the negative experience. It is a simple matter to realise that rejection is part of the game. When things are against the game, they take a deep breath and get back to the essentials. The negative experience propels them to think deeper and find out the alternative route! All the negative people look at me and say that I would never make it. That is the golden moment when the whole Universe is lifted off the shoulders. Fate and strong effortsfinally take you out of the path and put you on the correct path to make it possible! The human mind is the most powerful tool.

There is a poem which says that we can change our life. “When you change your thoughts; you change your action, when you change your action; you change your habit, when you change your habit; you change your attitude, when you change your attitude; you change your behaviour, when you change your behaviour; you change your performance, when you change your performance; you change your life!” I once asked a successful Business man how he became successful. He asked me a counter question “Can you define success? Is it money, wealth, mansion, reputation or philanthropy? It is none of it. Success is making yourself a good human being. Instead of being self-centered, be helpful and improve the World. It may be negligible but your contribution is enough to make living better. My friend once told me the definition of a winner’s ladder “From a nobody to an upstart; from an upstart to a competitor; from competitor to a winner; from a winner to a champion; from a champion to a dynasty”.

There are four qualities required for a winner. One is the fighting spirit; second is a competitive spirit. Third is hard training and the fourth is killer instinct”. We can congratulate winners; we can also congratulate losers because they are going to be future winners! Afterall what is the difference between winning and losing depends on what type of software you have loaded in your mind. My teacher used to say: “People who do not read cheat themselves. By not reading, they limit what they can achieve, make mistakes they could avoid. They miss opportunities that could improve their lives. Gaps appear in their knowledge because one should be well informed to succeed. Excellence is not divisible. You can’t excel in one area and fail in other areas.

Nobody teaches us rules; we have to learn ourselves”. Success is not measured by what we have done. It is measured by what we can become. Hold on to your vision and proceed to achieve it. When you doubt your ability, you become your own enemy! To lose is not a SIN but to give up is a tragedy. Open the window of faith; believe in yourself. When you believe in tomorrow, you believe in a second chance. There are no Oscars or Gold Medals for leading an ordinary life. Our success does not entirely depend on how we use our talents. Most wonderful thing we can do is turning minus into plus. People with good self-image are goal-oriented.

They have a burning desire to do something with their lives. They know that their lives have a meaning and purpose. They continually try to discover a purpose and achieve it. They set goals for every area of their lives and try to achieve them without a retreat. People with good self-image do not spend their lives trying to live-up to why they think others expect of them. They are comfortable with what they are. Many receive free advice but only the wise profit from it.