‘Today, music in films is passing through experimental phase’

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 11 Feb 2019 10:12:01


Staff Reporter,

Music and Hindi films are almost inseparable, yet if you want a reasoning that music in films may soon be a history, tune in to Swanand Kirkire. A lead lyricist, singer and writer, busybee personality today, Swanand was point blank while mentioning about reality of Hindi music vis-a-vis films.  In city on Sunday for the 3rd Orange City International Film Festival (OCIFF), Swanand said, “Music industry as such has collapsed, attributing the development to Indians’ craze for all that is free.”

So, songs no longer generate revenue and notably playback songs are on wane. Agreeing to this, Swanand said, “New generation film-makers are demanding logic as to why songs appear out of nowhere in a film. With cinema today being produced on the editing table, the skill of Editor and Director as to how beautifully they put together sequences ensures a film’s success.  So film revolving round an actor is over. Talent as such is now technologically-driven, as he gave input inside film-making to the audience at Persistent Auditorium on Sunday.

Swanand was interacting with two legends of film industry, Dr Jabbar Patel and Samar Nakhate during Nilu Fule Memorial Oration as part of 3rd OCIFF.
Dr Patel stated, “The genre of Sahir, Shailendra and Majrooh still lingers on in Hindi film connoisseurs’ mind today also. Their songs, in fact, dictated success of Hindi film in those days. And sadly that was missed for large part of era after them.”

Swanand also said, “Right now film music is in experiment stage and perhaps trying to attune to surrounding which off course a lyricist needs to be one with if they want audience connect. Citing example of recent song of a Gulli boy where youth of Dharavi want to state their identity in patently rap style, perhaps inspired by Black Rap Music of American, and this is reality.”  Samir Nakhate said it very beautiful the way Swanand portrays life and coined new phrases that have swooned audience.

Currently, the toast of film industry, Swanand, however, was down to earth and preferred de-glamoured look at the film festival. Yet his responses while fielding querries from two film legends were sharp and astute, providing a critical outlook to what’s happening currently to music. “Today, playback singing that inspire successful 60s music of Hindi film industry is in danger of being wiped out owing to problem of actor in lip singing and film-makers discerning interest in songs,” he added.
Speaking about art of acting, he said, “Unless one gets into genre of character the true essence of scriptwriter does not get reflected on the screen.”
Recalling his early days, Swanand said, hildhood spent with Bal Gandharva enriched him and played important role in his success as did the stint with National School of
Drama that chiseled and empowered him.