YouTube a perfect platform for youngsters

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 11 Feb 2019 11:38:59

Staff Reporter,

These passionate YouTube enthusiasts are setting good examples of overcoming their fears and following an unconventional career

Internet has provided a wide platform for talents from every genre such as art, education, entertainment, and many more. People of every age group are not being lagged behind in showcasing their talents on the internet, be it blogging on Google or creating their own channel on YouTube. Although, the platforms on the internet are wide open to market one’s own talent, the visibility heightens with the video contents that are mostly uploaded on popular website such as YouTube.

And that’s how city people are marketing their content and knowledge in the field they are passionate about by creating their own space in YouTube channels and earning a good sum of money out of it. These passionate youtube enthusiasts are setting good examples of overcoming their fears and following an unconventional career.


The girl next door: Shalini Mandal Shalini Mandal, 26, an engineering graduate, owns a YouTube channel by her name itself has more than 55,000 subscribers within the span of two years in which she puts up the video content on makeup, fashion, and lifestyle. Her creative side and passion towards fashion and makeup pushed her to create her own channel. She creates content, shoot, and edit her videos on her own. Shalini has received several requests from the other brands to collaborate for promotions on her channel that allows her to earn some good amount of money. Apart from this, Google Ad Sense contributes to her earning through the channel as well.

“I research a lot before uploading any content on my channel and for that I do receive appreciation from my audience. I have passion towards what I do and the response from the audience pushes me to keep striving for more”. Hobby gained  popularity, says 


Gaurav Katare Gaurav Katare, 32, Assistant Professor, has a YouTube channel named Gaurav Katare (previously Bhopal Ki Vines) with more than 1 lakh subscribers within the span of fewer than two years. He uploads comedy videos on his channel on which he consistently works every weekend. However, he keeps working on his script in the week days as well apart from his regular job. His sheer hobby of making videos pushed him to make his own channel that’s allowing him to earn some good sum of money as well. He has also received an award for the best short film in Indian Mobile Film Festival for his short film named ‘Neela Aasman’.

“My hobby of video making and this channel has garnered me huge popularity among common people. There are my fans whom I come across whenever I go out and they appreciate my work”.


I have goals to achieve, says Ojasvi Verma
Ojasvi Verma, 23, engineering graduate, owns a YouTube channel named ‘Expressions’ that has more than 45,000 subscribers now. Her soul is engrossed in her sheer love for dancing that’s not just her hobby. She earns through other media as a result of the promotions that are caused by her YouTube channel. She uploads video on different dance forms, be it semi-classical, contemporary, or western.
“My friends suggested me to open this channel and also my natural inclination towards dance allowed me to do so. Soon I started receiving appreciation and began posting my dance videos professionally in mid-2017. I have goals to achieve so that adds to my motivation to keep bringing new content”.