Packaging acts as salesman to attract customers: Khanna

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 12 Feb 2019 09:37:50


Business Bureau,

A panel discussion on ‘Packaging technology for food processors’ was organised at a Food Show recently hosted by Vidarbha Industries Association (VIA) and Chirag Agri Ventures Pvt Ltd. Eminent panelists were Satindra Nath Khanna who was Member of Planning Commission for Government of India Scheme from Plastic & Packaging, President of Indo-Japan Friendship Association. Dr Prashant Agrawal is Task Force Member in Agriculture Committee MP Government and Vaibhav Agrawal, Director of Vaibhav Plasto.

Panelists were asked to share their views on latest technology for food products, PPE, HDPE Packaging, UHT packaging and different types of packaging materials. Khanna replied, packaging is one of the most important aspects in food processing sector. Packaging itself acts as a sales man which attracts the customers. Almost every processed food are packed in packaging material and it plays important role in delivery, sales appeal.  “To balance all factors, one formula should be remembered, the life of packaging material should be higher than the material to be packed into it. One cannot over pack or under pack the product,” he said.

Further panelists were asked about packing of grains, spices and FNV. Earlier jute bags were purchased from Kolkatta but in current scenario PP bags are in fashion. “Still there is not big shift towards UHT or vacuum packaging because of high charges,” he said. S N Khanna replied, “You cannot have double standard in packing material, you have to have a single standard.”

Dr Agrawal said, “Our region majorly works in dry goods. We have also availability of cold storages. Packaging material should be all weather material. There is new concept called tetra pack, a multi-layer packaging for commodities like milk or juices. General packaging solution provides shelf life of 3 to 4 days where as tetra packing gives shelf life of around 21 days. So the food processor should decide what are activities associated with the products,” he added Weather it will be sold domestically or internationally, It is to be consumed immediately like Dahi and Lassi or it is to be consumed after period of one year like rice. Further he added, one important factor is breathability of packing material and this segment is growing very rapidly.

Panel later on pin pointed some facts of packing material designs. Dr Agrawal said, “It is very important from the side of client that what kind of packaging material they want or what kind of content they want to add on packing material. Packaging norms changes as per domestic and international markets. Client is willing to pack wet material or dry material. Cost is also an important factor. Vaibhav Agrawal said, “There are so many standards available but also some east checks are available. Multi-national companies go for lab test such as tensile strength, dart impact or coefficient of friction. Small companies use layman methods such as drop tests.”

Dr Prashant Agrawal said, “Nagpur is becoming plastic and packaging hub. Printing units, roto- engraving units etc., are available in our city.” Arun Khobragade, Chairman of VIA Food Processing Forum, Dr Suhas Buddhe, Secretary of
VIA and Rahul Bhojwani were also present.