Source: The Hitavada      Date: 12 Feb 2019 12:37:30










IN THE light of the fact that some nations in the world have become safe havens for fugitives from the law of their nations, the appeal of Vice President Mr. Venkaiah Naidu to them not to provide shelter to such persons, is quite in place. Mr. Naidu has exhorted the nations of the world to arrive at a consensus on not providing shelter to fugitives involved in economic offences. The Vice President’s appeal comes in the wake of recent instances of some high profile business people, after defrauding banks and other financial institutions, have fled the country and taken shelter in other countries. It is an enigma how a person facing criminal charges in his native country is allowed to take shelter by other nations? In fact such person should automatically become a persona non grata for all other nations. The Vijay Mallyas, the Modis, the Choksis and some others of their ilk have defrauded Indian banks by thousands of crores of rupees and have fled to countries like England. Unless the courts there clear their extradition they enjoy freedom from criminal prosecution at home.


NEVER in the history of Indian cricket had any team notched such stupendous success Down Under that Virat Kohli/Rohit Sharma’s team did in the twin tours of Australia and New Zealand. The narrow loss in the Twenty20 series to New Zealand is just a minor aberration in the tremendous statement the Indian team made in all versions of the game. After the historic Test series win in Australia, India switched to the shorter format with same style to carve a first ODI series win in New Zealand. The twin tours have firmly put India among favourites to win the 2019 World Cup scheduled in England. A team’s success is dependent upon right combination and players with definite roles. India have found their core group for the World Cup with the added advantage of two wrist spinners. This covers the necessary ‘X-factor’ needed for the World Cup. The upcoming One-Dayers against Australia at home would further put the middle-order pieces in place to complete a well-oiled unit. Only issue now is keeping the momentum.