Cancellation of 3 Jet Airways flights leaves 900 passengers stranded

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 03 Feb 2019 11:05:22


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Of 900 flyers affected, 450 passengers were from Raipur alone whereas 300 of Delhi and 150 from Mumbai

Airlines could manage to reschedule only
60 passengers on other flights and the remaining ones were given refund

The carrier intimates APD Raipur for suspension of Delhi-Raipur/Raipur-Delhi (9W711/9W712) flights between Jan 31 and Feb 9

Abrupt cancellation of Jet Airways flights on Wednesday gave harrowing moments to some 900 air passengers, who were scheduled to fly ‘to and from’ Swami Vivekananda Airport in Raipur, from two major destinations of Delhi and Mumbai respectively.

Of the 900 flyers affected, 450 were from Raipur alone whereas 300 passengers were of Delhi and 150 were from Mumbai. In all, the crisis-ridden airlines cancelled three flights, which affected its six movements and left over 900 air passengers utterly frustrated and annoyed.
“The flights cancelled on Wednesday were 9W746 Delhi-Raipur; 9W350 Raipur-Delhi; 9W679 Delhi-Raipur; 9W677 Raipur-Delhi; 9W967 Bombay-Raipur and 9W968 Raipur-Bombay. However, we presume that the cancellation of flights was necessitated owing to operational reasons,” Raipur Airport Director (APD) Rakesh R Sahay told The Hitavada.

In the wake of flights cancellation, according to the APD, the airline informed the AAI authorities at Raipur that they could manage to reschedule only 60 air passengers on other flights whereas all the remaining were given full refund.

Moreover, the Jet Airways management has pre-intimated the Office of Raipur APD that they have suspended the operations of their Delhi-Raipur/Raipur-Delhi (9W711/9W712) flights between January 31st and February 9. Hereafter, the airlines will operate on two flights from Raipur, one in morning and another in the evening, to connect Mumbai. “However, the last take-off of Mumbai flight will take place on February 8 after which the Jet Airways (I) Limited, the Mumbai-based international airline will wind-up its whole operation to the state,” the sources maintained.

In the meantime, some insiders in Raipur Airport averred to this newspaper reporter that the cancellation of all the three Jet Airways flights for the day from Raipur was the consequence of the grounding of six Boeing 737 planes of the cash-strapped airlines due to non-payment of lease rentals. The airlines, which is facing several fiscal woes, on Wednesday decided to cancel 15 flights nationwide, which included three out of six Boeing 737 aircrafts. These 3 Boeing planes were the ones that were cancelled today which affected its six movements and over 900 air passengers in Raipur, flying to and from two major destinations of Delhi and Mumbai respectively. Earlier on Tuesday, the carrier had cancelled around 20 flights.