Serial killer who escaped from police custody nabbed

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 04 Feb 2019 11:39:36


Staff Reporter,


The dreaded Kurkurbeda serial killing accused Arun Chandrakar, who had escaped from the police custody, while he was being brought to Durg Court for hearing on May 2018. He was nabbed when he arrived to attend the birthday of his daughter on Sunday.

Arun was chased by locals after his sister-in-law identified him. The crowd caught up to him at Mohababazaar Railway Crossing and later handed him over to the police.
He spent his days of absconding in disguise as a Sadhu in areas in Gondia of Maharashtra and other surrounding areas. He was identified when he came back to celebrate the birthday of his daughter. Having grown long and thick beard, Arun thought nobody will recognise him, but he was wrong. As soon as his sister-in-law had a glimpse of Arun, she sounded alarm. He again attempted to run away, but the crowd nabbed him.

Arun Chandrakar alias Toran, a native of Kachandur of the Durg District, was a thief and served many jail terms for the same in the past. After he was thrown out of home by his father, Arun began living at Durg Railway Station. He took a cruel revenge from his father by pushing him out of a moving train. His father was killed on the spot.

As the Durg Police began manhunt, Arun took shelter in a rented home located in Hirapur. This house belonged to one Bahadur Singh, whom Arun killed over a minor dispute. Arun again changed his location and began residing with his friend Manglu Dewar at Kurkurbeda, where he married a local girl named Lily and began living at her uncle Sanjay Dewar’s home.

His killing instinct once again rear head when Arun killed and buried Sanjay to occupy his house. As his wife Lily came to know about the murder of her uncle, he murdered her too.  Court had already pronounced life imprisonment to Arun, who had 7 cases of homicide registered against him including 3 at Saraswai Nagar Police Station, 3 at Amanaka Police Station and 1 at Nandani Police Station Durg. On May 1, 2018, Arun ran away from the police custody while being taken to the Durg Court for hearing.