‘Content’ with trend

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 05 Feb 2019 12:13:37


Content-rich films are taking precedence over star-studded outings in Indian cinema as increasing number of audiences have started lapping up fresh ideas, filmmaker Shekhar Kapur has said.

Kapur, who was in Kolkata to promote Kaushik Ganguly’s Nagar Kirtan, said people are bored of films that are high on star cast, but low on substance. Nagar Kirtan has fetched four National Awards last year - Special Jury, Best Actor, Best Costume and Best Makeup Artist.
“There is need for disruption in the trends People get bored with the star system (star- studded films) as they look all the same after a point of time.

“In fact, content-driven films are doing well these days as audiences are looking for fresh ideas,” Kapur, who headed the ‘feature film’ jury for 65th National Film Awards, told PTI.
Asked if language could be a barrier for regional films in establishing a connect with the audiences, he replied in the negative.

“You have subtitles in a film it can also be dubbed,” he said.
The veteran director, who had received critical acclaim for historical biopics on Queen Elizabeth, also said that “commercial success of films cannot be predicted, but films should be made with a heart”.
“There is expectation and hope with each and every piece of creative work, but you can’t design its success,” he asserted.