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By nitin bakshi,


It has been observed during a period of last twenty years that books in the category of ‘self help’ are being read by people of all generations. Hundreds of books have been rated as ‘Bestsellers’ in Indian as well as international markets. These books have been designed in such a manner that people from all walks of life find them interesting enough to read and use the ideas given in those books to enhance the standard of their personal as well as professional working culture.

These books are written in completely professional manner by the writers who have garnered not just name but handsome fortune also. There is no doubt what-so-ever that the concepts elaborated in these books are those which have been practiced by all successful people all over the world. The writers of these books readily acknowledge that they themselves have also been benefited immensely applying these concepts and have now become multi-millionaires.

As the category of the books puts it clearly once and for all that they are self-help books and hence it is for those who are ready to apply the concepts of the books to help themselves rather than expecting help from some outer sources. Having studied the Indian social as well as psychological set-up, it will not be completely out of place to opine that Indians are extremely social, God fearing, failure fearing and, though it is hard to admit, hard-work fearing people also. Basically most of these writers are not of Indian origin and hence the concepts detailed in their books have either been found out of the context or difficult to implement by Indian readers. More over the education system here in India is such that it has been producing generations of young-guns with middle class mentality rather than producing high profile entrepreneurs. It keeps on producing people who are happy to lead steady and risk-free life in the patronage of some government employers. It does not in any way make these books less effective. In fact these books can extract the best out of you.

The actual benefit of these brilliantly written bestsellers self-help books can be extracted in Indian environment firstly by understanding the concepts and then by implementing the concepts whole-heartedly. Since success of all these out-of-box concepts boils down only to the aspect of implementation, it would be worth-while to know all the factors which will make us implement all such life changing ideas. There is no point in only appreciating the contents of these self-help books without doing anything.
How can self-help books help you:

The self-help books can do magic with you. The contents of the book can practically transform you from being an ordinary fellow to a visionary leader. We are supposed to choose right kind of self-help books to excavate the best of us to bear away the palms in real life.

Recognise your potential:
In order to implement good personal or professional ideas in life, it is important to recognise your potential. If you are in knowledge about potential it is fine. But my experience of working with most of the people tells another story. Most of the people do not know their potential at all. They accept the things in life as it is and learn to start living happily with them. At the ripe age of 50 and above, they suddenly feel that actually they were good at something else, whereas they kept on doing something which they did not like at all. By then it is too late for them to go back and undo the things done so far. As regards Indian people this is a common phenomenon with every 9 out of 10 people that they never ever realise their potential. Most of the books are based on real-life experiences of successful people, who were able to recognise their potential at young age. As they recognised the potential of their own, they are quite candid in letting others know as to how they arrived at the conclusion about their potential.

Your potential lets you overcome limitations:
Every person feels that he has some limitations. He also feels that these limitations are the root cause for his unsuccessful career. There are quite a few social, personal, educational or age related aspects which are being taken as limitations by many. You may have only formal education. You may be too young. You may be too old. Yours may be a poor family or may have poor financial background. You may belong to some village or might have undergone parental discrimination. The best thing about your potential is that if you know it properly you can en-cash all your above weaknesses in support of your potential. If you think you are too young, remember that you have advantage over old people. If you are old enough, remember that the experience which you have had because of old your age will help you more than young people who will have no such experience. If you think you have limitations of being a woman, then remember that women have practically achieved everything which is achieved by men. Similarly, the self help books helps in consolidating belief in your ability and further motivate you in believing that no handicap can deprive you from using your potential to the best effect.

Take responsibility of your life:
All self-help books have one thing in common. They all propagate one theory that of taking responsibility of your own life. After reading these motivational books, it will be foolish on our part to expect others to do favours for you. It will be in sync with the concept of self-help not to depend on others to deliver for you.

Ask questions to recognise potential:
If you wish to recognise your potential, ask following questions to yourself. 1) Which is the sole activity I like the most doing in my life? 2) Is it the kind of activity which I do better than anybody else? 3) Will it be possible for me to sustain my interest in it ? 4) Whether I can make profession out of that sole activity? 5) At present, by doing job or profession relating to this activity will I be using my time effectively? Well, you find answers for yourself to all these five questions. As soon as you finish with your answers to above questions, you will come to know about your true potential. Then only you will be able to use all your energy in the most effective way to generate the best possible results as envisaged by various self-help books.

As a matter of fact, there are thousands whose lives have been reshaped or remodeled by various innovative concepts floated through self-help books. There are umpteen numbers of people who could script their stories of rags-to-riches only because of implementing the foot-steps of successful people given in these books. But all in all in order to achieve success, these people have practically made it sure to use these concepts to their advantage only after recognising their potential and using all energy in right direction. Well then, what are you waiting for?

(The author is Director, The First Step, Akola and can be contacted at [email protected])

Recognise or repent
Most of time people know nothing about their own potential. It is because it is very difficult for any ordinary person to spare time in a methodical way to recognise if he or she has any kind of potential. Since it is not known to anybody, it is out of question to follow the area of your potential liking. If we are not sure about the method to be adopted about recognising the all important and life changing crucial factor as potential, we are left with no choice but like the things which we get as our career. We do try our level best to justify our default career, but we find it difficult to excel beyond a certain limit. After a particular juncture, this job or career becomes monotonous for us and then we feel the saturation badly. These books are the ones you can solely depend on guiding you properly towards your potential.


Recognise your energy level
You should be aware of your energy level. Have you ever noticed that your energy level is always high when you are doing a job which is perfectly in tune with your potential? Yes, it is as important to recognise your potential, as it is to recognise your limitations. But that too in a different way. This in itself is a big virtue. See, 80% of your limitations are inside you and only 20% are outside. They are competition, market, government, regulators etc. Since most of them are there with good intentions, you should systematically try to overcome them. Always remember that deadlines do not create pressure. It is because of our lethargic approach which create pressure. There are several self help books which help you in recognising your energy level properly.