The Pride Of Your Scars

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 05 Feb 2019 12:47:35


By sandeep agrawal,

A learned person once said ‘What doesn’t kill you, will only make you stronger’. This is true for perhaps all those incidents which we consider unpleasant whilst they happen, but which surely assist in our growth, once we survive them. Many of us don’t know this, but the Japanese people follow a practice in which they repair the broken glassware in their homes by filling the cracks with gold. This gesture symbolises the title of this essay, in as much as that we should not hide our scars; rather we could highlight them with pride so that our story gets known to the world.

Many of us look for the easy wayout in most situations, and give up when the going gets tough. But that is where the tough get going, and survive with a flourish. It is their story that is told, with each tale being a unique one, of determination and grit, because it tells the saga of having performed in adverse situations, beyond one’s respective comfort zones. These are stories that become history for generations to follow.

So, whenever we are faced with some unpleasant situation, we should accept it as a challenge that life has thrown at us, giving us a chance to create history, all on our own; for that one unique feat which will have our friends feeling proud of us, and others hounding us for a photograph or an autograph. For, we always have a choice of whether we would rather keep collecting someone else’s signatures, or we want our’s to be in their books ? Whether we would like to play the match in the scorching sun, or watch it in the comforts of our lounge? These varied situations come to us in so many forms, and it is upto us to recognise them for what they are worth.

This is not everyone’s cup of tea, as fortune favors the few who are brave at heart. Notwithstanding the lack of resources, and ever aware that the foe is mightier on all fronts, the valiant one ventures forth, using that little persevering spirit within him, which could prove stronger than the combined strengths of all his adversaries. As he advances on this treacherous and un-trodden path, one step at a time, he starts enjoying the uphill journey, and the view from the top is awesome!

This path is not one of roses, nor does it come with a route map. It asks you to make one, for others to follow and applaud your feat. The applause will die down but the scars given by the thorns will remain forever. They are your lifetime certifications, your badges that none can duplicate, snatch or steal. These you need to carry with honour, as you have earned them with full honesty.
Wear them with pride!(The author can be contacted at [email protected])